TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Some Florida schools want dress code for parents

Some Florida school districts are talking about turning the tables on parents and asking them to clean up their act when showing up at school. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> how about this idea? coming out of florida and it's going to have parents talking nationwide. should schools have a dress code ? we're not talking about for students here but for moms and dads. nbc's kerry sanders is in fort lauderdale . good morning to you.

>> reporter: well, good morning. the school day here in broward county is just getting under way. you can see some of the parents dropping their kids off. once the kids get on campus they have a whole set of rules, including a dress code . but now some school officials in south florida are asking whether perhaps the parents should also live by a new set of rules. the school board is thinking about dress codes . what do you think about dress codes ?

>> i love dress codes .

>> what about dress codes for parents?

>> oh, ah --

>> reporter: dress codes for kids at school. sure. but for parents?

>> to tell the parent how to dress? to come and pick their kids up?

>> reporter: not so much. it all started in broward county , florida when this school board member got sick of seeing parents looking sloppy.

>> i want to heighten our awareness and have us take it to a whole nother level.

>> reporter: some of the biggest offenses? parents in ripped jeans, low cut tops, short shorts, women in hair curlers, even parents wearing pajamas.

>> i don't like to see women's butt cheeks hanging out the bottoms and men hanging out of the shorts.

>> reporter: all of which prompted osgood to call for a dress code for parent.

>> we had to make an adjustment because what we do has a major impact on our children.

>> reporter: on youtube the idea of a dress code for parents got some people hot under the collar.

>> what about the respect for the parents?

>> reporter: still, word spread to nearby palm beach county , where school board members met with parents on wednesday.

>> overwhelmingly, i have not had anybody say something to me that they were against this.

>> reporter: but the issue didn't wear well with the full board.

>> i want to make sure every school is inviting to parents and whatever they're wearing, that's secondary in my mind.

>> reporter: the board quashed the proposal. in the end, it may be the kids at school who recognize it's time for the parents to learn a lesson.

>> you come to school in like shorts and it's not okay. in shirts that are maybe too revealing. why would you wear that? i mean, your kids have to look presentable. you have to look presentable, too.

>> reporter: here in broward county , the full school board is yet to take up the issue, but there is a problem if this becomes sort of a rule for parents. how do you enforce it? if you enforce it and you find a violator, how do you put a parent in detention?

>> exactly. good point.

>> that is a good point.