TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

Sting: ‘Exciting and frightening’ to be on Broadway

The legendary singer and his wife, Trudie Styler, join TODAY to talk about their foundation, the Rainforest Fund, and the musical that Sting is bringing to Broadway in October.

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>>> you know about the tens of millions of albums sold, all the awards won, but i'd venture to guess sting is most proud of the philanthropic work sting has done with his wife trudie styler .

>> the rain forest fundraises money to protect and support rain forests around the world and the indigenous people who live there. this year's 25th anniversary benefit concert is thursday at new york's carnegie hall . sting and trudie, good morning. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> you've been on ti've been on the show n ow a month. i've never seen the reaction to a guest -- everyone keeps saying, i'm star truck. i can't believe they're here.

>> aw.

>> what do you want me to say?

>> that's right. i'm fantastic. i'm the best.

>> there's no good answer to that.

>> you took the words out of my mouth.

>> can you believe it's been 25 years? $33 million. operating in 20 different countries and it all started back in '89.

>> it doesn't seem like that long ago.

>> and you've been one of our great supporters, al, and i hope you'll come again this year. we're still struggling, you know, with the fights to save the rain forest , and their indigenous inhabitants . and the fight and struggle goes on, so we do hope that we'll be supported at carnegie hall for this great cause.

>> some great musicians who signed up as well. paul simon , james taylor . at this point, do you all just pick up the phone and say hey, 17th year, you ready?

>> we do.

>> at times they put the phone right down. we've got paul. we've got kevin spacey this year. steven stills . patty is coming.

>> renee fleming .

>> dionne warwick . kids who are going to be performing. cocoa and joe. some are going to be performing. an amazing singer, young singer who sting is championing called ivy levan. it's going to be a very eclectic, great evening.

>> and you're donating tickets as well, is that right?

>> we are donating tickets. we're going to be donating tickets to some 9/11 victims and hurricane sandy families. because we sort of -- you know, sting famously wrote a song called "one world." i think sometimes people think the rain forests are so far away, the indigenous inhabitants , what has that got to do with us? but we're a global community , we all share this planet and we do need to protect.

>> well said.

>> in the 25 years you and trudie have been attacking this problem, how much change have you seen? has it gotten better? are we where we were a quarter of a century ago?

>> it's getting worse. to be honest with you. we have small projects that kind of, you know, grow. and that's all we can do, you know? slow the rate of destruction.

>> and keep the awareness up. speaking of aware, you released your 14th studio album last year and now it's coming to broadway. that's got to be kind of cool.

>> yes. i'll be on broadway in october. it's very exciting. and very frightening at the same time.

>> how come?

>> how come it's terrifying? oh, just is. all of your dreams are up there to be smashed or realized. who knows?

>> to be realized. you've been together more than 20 years.

>> 32.

>> 32 years.

>> wow.

>> so for those watching who wonder what the secret is because you work together, you play together, you do everything together.

>> i just do everything she tells me.

>> would that were true. [ laughter ]

>> this is like a variety show .

>> we have our own peanut gallery .

>> exactly.

>> what is a typical night for you?

>> whoa!

>> and scene!

>> we don't have time.

>> hello there.

>> well, sting and trudie, thanks so much. we appreciate you. for more information on the rain forest fund and the upcoming benefit concert , head to

>> we want an answer!

>> look at the time!

>>> coming up next, we want to get you caught up on all the news you