TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' cheeky response to cover mix-up

The actress is having fun with the controversy over a John Hancock signature on her lower back on the cover of Rolling Stone. She posted a photo on Facebook that she said shows the signature is actually a birthmark.

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>> savannah, what do you have from d.c.?

>> that was the 46th argument. i've got some details on a cheeky comeback. you remember this story from thursday. we told you about the " rolling stone " cover. it features a nude julia louis dreyfus . and she's wearing tattoo of the u.s. constitution . the magazine got a lot of criticism because there was john hancock 's signature at the bottom, so to speak. but he signed the declaration of independence , not the constitution. well, we've got a new explanation from none other than the actress herself. for throwback thursday, julia posted this photo on facebook with the message, john hancock not part of tattoo. it is a birthmark. this 1962 photo is proof. i know you'll appreciate that because you told us yesterday that you look at the nude pictures just for the historical documents .

>> that's true.

>> matt's got some racy photos of dolly madison .

>> exactly. not tattooed there,