TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Hockey star T.J. Oshie opens up on baby’s struggles

St. Louis Blues hockey player T.J. Oshie helped Team USA beat Russia at the Sochi Olympics, while knowing the baby he and his fiancée were about to deliver would have a stressful start. She was born with a rare medical condition that’s kept her in the hospital. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> and a hockey star dealing with a personal issue off the ice. his newborn daughter is facing a very stressful start to her young life . nbc 's ron mott has the story.

>> oshie and barofsky duel again. score! team usa wins!

>> in sochi, t.j. oshie became america's darling scoring the game winner for the home country . just this week, he did it again for the hometown st. louis blues, victory by shootout.

>> score!

>> now, it's this little darling who is sweeping t.j. off his skates, stealing his heart and his spotlight, baby lila , for st . patrick's day, a rare condition that kept the newborn in the hospital ever since.

>> she -- when she's born, her bowel was outside of her stomach, which means her stomach closed without her bowel getting inside of her.

>> that meant immediate surgery and several days before mom could hold her daughter. an agonizing wait as any parent knows.

>> it was the most wonderful feeling being able to hold her for the first time. i can't even describe how it felt. it was great.

>> wow.

>> oshie 's kept his emotions in check throughout the stressful ordeal, understandably missing a game the day lila was born. otherwise, business as usual . close friends and family knew about lila 's challenge, but oshie 's legion of fans saw nothing out of the ordinary. just a beaming new dad clutching a new love of his life during the time of his life.

>> it's surreal. it was a pretty cool way to win in russia and get over here and see she's doing great and lila shows up, and she trumps everything.

>> the couple have become fixtures in the neo natal intensive care unit at st. louis children's hospital keeping tabs on their baby girl who is recovering quickly, feeding as normal, her intestines working.

>> she's been like a hockey player. she's done beautifully just like her dad.

>> during our visit, our parents found out they could bring her home early next week, sooner than expected.

>> catch yourself just holding her for two hours and looking at her the whole time.

>> as the doting father gets ready to add feedings to face-offs. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, st. louis .

>> such a nice moment.

>> such a nice --

>> got the shootout goal. i'm kidding! i'm kidding.

>> oh.

>> we were there.

>> yes, we were. and that was a nice moment.

>> yes. absolutely.

>> congratulations to both of them. by the way, you can see t.j. oshie and his st. louis blues take on the chicago blackhawks sunday at noon eastern on the nhl game of the week here on nbc .