TODAY   |  April 03, 2014

Children’s author shares unique bond with kangaroo

In her kids’ books, author Julia Heckathorn teaches children about conservation and preservation through the voice of Boomeroo the kangaroo, who also happens to be her real-life pet.

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>> but as jenna explains, she helps deliver a message to children.

>> julia writes children's book. her message -- teach kids about preservation and conservation. her voice? a kangaroo . two years ago with help, julia and her husband jason adopted a real life 3-month-old kangaroo , bringing her story book character to life.

>> when the students read the story about a kangaroo , they get to see a real life kangaroo in her space.

>> when julia first brought boom boo boomaroo home, they were very close.

>> i'll go outside and she'll follow me outside and snuggle up close to me.

>> she lived in the house until she became too big. now she lives outside the house in a temperature-controlled barn in her garden. but inside the house, she still has her own closet full of baby clothes.

>> she really loves her shirt, they give her a sense of comfort.

>> reporter: this isn't the first unique animal that they welcomed into their home. the kangaroo joins four sugar squirrels and now a cat named larry.

>> the cat and kangaroo have been living together, eating together.

>> now she spends her day jumping around with larry or holding kangaroo court with julia .

>> she'll hop up to my office and she'll lay there by my seat usually.

>> reporter: providing even more inspiration for julia 's next book.

>> is it strange now that i now want a kangaroo ?

>> something oddly attractive about that.

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