TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

Will Arnett’s kids ‘going nuts’ for ‘Ninja Turtles’

Actor Will Arnett plays a wisecracking cameraman who works with sexy reporter Megan Fox in the new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie that will hit the big screen this summer. He says his kids are excited for the latest version of the popular franchise.

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>>> emmy nominated actor will arnett appeared in voice characters in dozens of films and tv series , but he's best known for his funny role on popular shows like "arrested development," up all night" and "the millers".

>> his latest project " teenage mutant ninja turtles " hits theater this summer. why he's here so soon, i don't know, but we have an exclusive first look.

>> heroes are not born, they're created. that's what your father and i were trying to do. create heroes.

>> whoa. chill. just a mask. see? don't freak out. all right?

>> oh.

>> she fainted.

>> what a movie.

>> she was thinking, i luhya papi.

>> my son just turned 24 the other day. i remembered when he was into this 20 years ago.

>> yeah.

>> such a cult following for this.

>> huge cult following . i think it is time to get the next generation of kids into it and so that's what we're kind of doing with the reboot. there is an animated series that is out now, on nickelodeon, that is hugely successful.

>> still.

>> so far from the foam looking creatures that were in the beginning.

>> no. this is not like that. this is michael bayh produced this. it is a whole other level.

>> what is he like? we hear he's weird.

>> who told you that? she told you that, right? you said we heard, she told you and you tell her?

>> i kn i know what's going on here. he's amazing. he's the most kick -- action film guy.

>> i said -- what is wrong with you guys?

>> we tend to get fined.

>> tell me about your kids. are they interested in this summer flick?

>> my kids are going nuts for it. they happen to be huge fans of the animated series .

>> the right age.

>> right age. 3 and 5, my sons abel and archie. we were shooting the movie last summer, they would come to the set and they have their own teenage mutant ninja turtle nuncha nunchakus. they do demonstrations.

>> i was trying to look at the trailer online and so many people have done their own versions of the trailer, just the cult following , i was unaware of.

>> really?

>> all the different people are voicing things and doing their own deal.

>> it is huge. it is really, really huge. think about it, it spans so many generations and now again. and people are just -- they're just fans. we kind of want to do it justice. there is a lot of pressure.

>> you're paying homage, aren't you?

>> yes, we are.

>> tell us what your character does.

>> vernon.

>> again, i love to talk about my work. and my character. but, no, my -- very method. please call me verne. my character is a guy that is a photojournalist and video journalist who served in a lot of hot spots in the world and came back and kind of wants an easy ride and all of a sudden he's sucked back into this huge battle of good versus evil.

>> and what other projects do you have in the hopper?

>> how much time you guys got?

>> not much, but we luhya papi.

>> we wrapped up the first season of the millers.

>> thanks a lot. you know what --

>> technically, you forget, okay?

>> come on, we're all friends.

>> not really.

>> killer out there.

>> we're pretty tight.

>> don't wag your finger at me.

>> she's very uppity and self-righteous.

>> i luhya papi.

>> this is going to -- you're never going to --

>> you love that song? let's