TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

Top picks for kicks for every activity

Bahar Takhtehchian, editor-at-large at Shape magazine, tells TODAY how to put spring in our step with some of the hottest shoes for the season.

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>>> with the snow melting away, it's time to get outside and get active again. you might be looking for a new pair of shoes.

>> let's see the hot picks for kicks. the editor from "shape" magazine joins us.

>> not all sneakers are created equally?

>> that's right. there are so many different types of exercises. you want to find the right shoe nor your knees.

>> when is the best time to do that?

>> that's the middle of the afternoon. that's when your feet kind of swell up so you know you get the right size.

>> running shoes are really important. this is a brooks connect 3. our readers and editors loved this show. it's $100. the most important thing about this show is you can wear it indoors and outdoors, on the treadmill or once the weather gets warmer, hit the pavement.

>> can running shoes work for anything, strength training, cardio?

>> no, they should just be used for running.

>> and this is cohesion 7 that russ is wearing. only $60. such a great shoe and it's really lightweight. plus there's a female version as well.

>> i like that.

>> best every day sneaker.

>> this is super fun. helen is wearing a great shoe. you can run errands in there but also do like a brisk walking workout if you want to. that's really great. of course it's a slip-on but it feels nice and snug.

>> i absolutely love the puma suede there.

>> i'm into these as well. it's a little bit of fashion and function mixed together. and you can wear them with denim jeans.

>> are you getting good support with those?

>> he shouldn't be doing too many exercises. it's your every day shoe, walking around listening to music. what's a good shoe for every day exercise, find a great cross trainer . this is from new balance,s 711. this is a shape shoe award winner this year. this is $75. this will take you from any workout to the next. it is your go-to, multi-functional shoe. and sean is our weightlifter. for guys it's very, very popular the most important thing with a weightlifting shoe is you want stability in the shoe. this will keep your foot in a natural formation.

>> and i like the color selection. you want to look good even when you work out.

>> that's a big trend this year. and finally outdoors. kelsey is wearing a great tennis shoe . you want something with a nice low profile , that's going to give your ankle great mobility. and it's nice and flexibility so you can rotate as you're doing those serves. and finally for hiking, as the weather gets warmer, hopefully you're hitting the outdoors a little bit. you can use this in any terrain. if it's raining or snowing, it will keep you protected.

>> tamron wanted me to ask her about her light-up shoes.

>> all of that is still in fashion, as long as you're confident in that.

>> thank you, models. back in