TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Cookie-stuffed brownies: Satisfy your sweet tooth

Tara Bench of Ladies’ Home Journal joins TODAY to show us some easy new baking tricks with cookie-stuffed brownies and cheesecake in a jar.

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>>> i have discovered the secret to tamron hall 's heart. if you love a good dessert but you'd rather buy one than make one, we'll show you sweet twereats with a modern twist.

>> three easy recipes to satisfy our sweet teeth.

>> entertainment director -- at "ladies' home journal."

>> my mouth is watering.

>> how do we get to these? what is this called?

>> this is cookie stuffed brownies. so we start with a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough. it's only going to get better. we layer on, you can press this in.

>> and the trick is, again, you can do this at home. a lot of people are intimidated by baking. they're cooks but not good bakers.

>> this is easy. you can make homemade cookie dough , store buy it.

>> we've got our layer.

>> got our layers.

>> this is the peanut butter variation. you're going to layer yours with nutter butters. yo ur going to do double stuff.

>> you want these.

>> you want cookies.

>> oh.

>> okay.

>> you just --

>> and you do the whole layer.

>> okay.

>> you got it, al. you've got it. this is going to be the weekend snack. and then the brownie batter gets spread over the top . you can do this with the kids.

>> you can use a box brownie mix, your own favorite mix.

>> or you could make this and eat it.

>> what inspired this?

>> this is an internet sensation. it's --

>> someone said eat it raw.

>> you're like, okay. so you've seen a variation of this on the internet and we took it to the next level. we did the variations. you can do one with milano cookies . i want you to taste it now.

>> wow.

>> you want to taste the actual brownie? there you go. that's the peanut butter version.

>> next up.

>> okay. next is a chocolate chip cookie in a skillet.

>> one pan.

>> what we've done is melted sugar and butter, whisk in an egg.

>> okay.

>> and this is all on the stove top . you don't have to get out a cooking sheet.

>> little flour.

>> you may want a spoon for that.

>> okay.

>> is that dark chocolate or milk chocolate ?

>> dark chocolate chunks. chips, whatever you want . but basically all in the same pan.

>> and you press it in.

>> done.

>> how long does it take to bake?

>> 15, 20 minutes.

>> this one, no bake.

>> no bake cheesecake. a mixture of cream cheese and sugar and lemon juice . you can do it in glasses, jars, top it off with gram