TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Johnny Weir: ‘I escaped my own personal hell’

Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood” sits down with Olympic skater Johnny Weir to talk about the end of his marriage to Victor Voronov, which Weir says got physically violent.

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>>> upped his profile in sochi . served as a figure skating analyst for nbc olympics and turned heads with his colorful and creative outfits. but this week, people are talking about him for another reason, the end of his marriage. billy bush talked to johnny about that in his only interview since the split. good morning.

>> carson, good morning. look, it was a somber johnny i sat down with. in sochi , we were used to the guy who was colorful and fun. but we sat down yesterday, it was less than 24 hours after he made this announcement.

>> johnny weir took center stage at this year's winter games as an announcer for nbc. but he says off camera, his two-year marriage was crumbling.

>> sochi was one of the hardest times in my life. when i was on the broadcasting, i escaped my own personal hell that i was living in. my husband was behaving very erratically. the majority of the time off camera, i was in tears, i was on the phone, fighting, not in a good place.

>> weir claims this was varnoff's first gay relationship. the two tied the knot on new year's eve in 2011 . but weir said they started having troubles this fall.

>> i was losing myself by being married to my husband. i was losing my objectives in life. i was very isolated from the world, from my marriage.

>> earlier this month, the couple appeared in a new jersey court where weir faced charges of biting him during a domestic dispute .

>> what went on there? what can you tell me?

>> i was defending myself on that night. we were fighting in such a terrible way. and it did get physical that night. and it was very unfortunate things went the way they did because domestic violence is never the way to go. domestic violence is never the answer.

>> a judge dismissed the case at their request.

>> the biting incident, was that the only physical altercation that ever took place? the only time you had to defend yourself physically? or was this kind of one in a chain?

>> it was usually good humored wrestling and stuff. but a few times, of course, it did get physical. you know, some of my closest friends have seen him hit me before.

>> closed fist? open hand, slap or punch?

>> i've been, you know, slapped, but slapping is enough for me.

>> in a statement to access hollywood , a rep said, quote, there was a domestic violence incident, johnny was arrested. that case was dropped by victor at the urging of johnny . the person who bit someone was johnny . his rep added it is our extreme desire this divorce could have been handled amicably.

>> victor and i have been having trouble for quite some time. he knows there was trouble. i filed for divorce, which is very unfortunate. but it wasn't a shock.

>> and tonight, we'll take a look at possible extortion claims. victor needs money. he's in his words assumed the traditional role in the relationship. and so johnny 's got the money. and he also is willing to do an interview. i wouldn't be surprised if you see victor somewhere on tv. but tonight, we'll take a look at the possible extortion and whether or not is victor a con artist . if you google his name, a lot of things will come up. back to you guys.

>> thank you, billy.