TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Passenger’s girlfriend reacts to Flight 370 development

American Sarah Bajc, the girlfriend of Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood, talks to TODAY about hearing the news that debris from the missing plane may have been found, and the emotions she’s going through.

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>> bring in sara . she's been in beijing waiting for any word. sara , good morning, it's good to see you.

>> good evening, savannah.

>> i can only imagine the range of emotions you might be feeling at this moment. can you even put into words how you felt when you heard this news of potential debris in the indian ocean ?

>> well, i heard about -- it must have been about 3:00 this afternoon. a friend called me with the information. and i don't think i've stopped shaking since. you know, we just finally settled into a -- into a normal routine of waiting, unhappy waiting, but at least, you know, we were going back to normal sleeping cycles and getting in and i've continued to teach at work. .now this just throws it all -- you know, all up in the air again.

>> have you heard anything from authorities, from airline authorities, from chinese officials, about what may have been found off the coast of australia?

>> a couple hours after i heard from my friend and saw it on the news, i did get a call from malaysian airlines giving me an update. but the update contained just a small fraction of the information i had already seen on the press release that they had given out of australia.

>> we saw the frustration so vividly at some of the families who are dealing with what you are dealing with right now, this uncertainty. have you felt that frustration? do you feel you're getting the information that you want and need from the authorities there?

>> i've had frustration, but honestly, my frustration is not with the authorities giving the information. because i understand they can only give information that they have, right? so if they haven't verified it, they shouldn't be giving it to me. but my frustration is really with the process. my heart totally goes out to a lot of these families. i have a strong support network around me. i have exposure to what these things all mean and i get ample access to good information. and i'm in high stress. so, you know, these poor people , especially the ones here in china who basically hear nothing because the news is all so filtered for them and they're all crammed together in this hotel --

>> i think we just lost sara bayjack, a long time companion of phillip wood. but boy, does that not put a fine point on the human story here. all of those souls on board who were lost .so many people waiting for word.

>> interesting to hear her say she doesn't fault those people for not having information. you can only give information you have. but there's no question it's a painful waiting time.