TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Bedroom design ideas that won’t break the bank

Abby Larson, founder of, joins TODAY to offer ideas on how to style your bedroom with a little inspiration and the right materials.

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>> your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place for rest and relaxation. but if you're thinking you have to spend a lot to get it, you don't have to.

>> all you need is inspiration and the right materials and people will think you brought in a professional designer to do the job. abby larson is founder of

>> i'm so excited to be here.

>> seems obvious you would save more money if you do it yourself. designers can be pricey.

>> they are. diy is code for getting what you want on a limited budget.

>> can you stretch that budget by mixing in store bought and diy?

>> the bedroom is so neglected. one of the least trafficked rooms in the house.

>> which is stunning.

>> yeah. what we did here, we mixed in diy with really high-end fancy pantsed stuff. we want you to decipher what's diy and what's store bought. we've got diy cards for you. a minute on the clock.

>> just a minute.

>> just a minute. and we tried to trick you a little bit. so you're going to put your cards on the items that you think are diy.

>> all right.

>> all right? any questions?

>> no. here we go.

>> start the clock.

>> start the clock.

>> okay.

>> oh, the dog bed, huh?

>> yeah.

>> oh, the dogs are excited, too.

>> you're diy. i don't know. i have more?

>> you have more, you have seven. that's your clue, there's seven.

>> okay.

>> you can do this.

>> okay.

>> guys, almost time is up.

>> okay. i don't know.

>> okay.

>> good job.

>> all right. you did not ace it. i'm going to tell you that.

>> okay. well, you missed this one, which we're -- it's my belly. blame it on the belly. you got this. this is what we did we took basic white drapes super inexpensive and using a no sew easy hem tape, we fused this darker fabric on.

>> how did you fuse it on?

>> with an iron. we'll show you how to do that. and the second is the head board.

>> missed the head board.

>> yeah. and it's super inexpensive, super easy to do. it's canvas bars we stretched linen around. we did it with a fabric. you can do it with a print.

>> how long does something like that take you?

>> this didn't take long. the frames are ready to go. what took some time was painting them and letting them set.

>> okay. what else?

>> next up is the pillows that you both got. and let's see, down here, the bench, actually.

>> i got it right.

>> nice work .

>> very nice.

>> this one is around $150 project. which is awesome. to get a really beautiful upholstered bench is expensive. so we took the original fabric off and reupholstered it. let's move around up here.

>> okay.

>> the one you both missed --

>> i'm going to put it up.

>> the mirror.

>> this mirror?

>> tried to put it on the mirror, but it came off.

>> good job. and these go for hundreds of dollars. we thought an inexpensive mirror and updated it with little wood pieces we painted white.

>> this is diy.

>> this is my favorite. i feel like trays make a bedroom feel fancy. so we used goal legold leaf for a bit of glam.

>> this is so chic.

>> what's down here?

>> we've got the dog bed. you both got it right.

>> i cheated because we have a demo over here of the bed.

>> i figured that. cheated on that.

>> these are so easy to do, which is nice. i wanted to start by showing you the mirror, which can look intimidating, but if you break it down into pieces, it's super easy. it's a basic white frame and you get them at your local craft store. very lightweight. the.

>> they are.

>> once you've gotten everything kind of measured out, then you cut to size, glue them together with some gorilla glue .

>> okay.

>> and you form your pattern. and you can go crazy with it. do a great key, zigzags whatever you want . and this is the fusion fabric tape that is so genius. and if you don't sew, this is your best friend. what we did -- you can see the seams right here.

>> uh-huh.

>> done doing fusion tape and an iron.

>> and you take two pieces of fabric, put the stuffing in your dog would like and fuse it.

>> fuse it together. takes no time at all.

>> very cool.

>> yeah.

>> i guess you'll have time to do some --

>> i don't have much time left.

>> i know.

>> thank you so much.

>> we'll be right back after this. this is "today" on