TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

6 gadgets to improve your travel experience

Digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a few nifty gadgets for your next trip, such as a unique pillow to help you sleep on planes, a luggage tracker and a pouch  to organize your electronic cords.

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>>> how many times have you arrived at your vacation destination unpacked your suitcase and realized you forgot to throw everything in?

>> here with gadgets to make sure all your trips are smooth and hassle free, digital lifestyle expert carly noblok.

>> hopefully you don't forget everything. you want to make sure you're prepared so all your stuff works. the first thing i have is from belkin, a little mini surge protector. you know you get to a hotel and you don't have enough outlets, it turns one into three and plus three usb chargers.

>> does it have an adapter for that or just --

>> i don't believe that it does.

>> that's important. people need to know .

>> there is other things that are internationally compliant over here. this is so cool. okay. i don't like traveling with those big neck pillows. but then you get on a plane and -- okay. are you going to try this on or am i?

>> i'll put it on.

>> okay. it is the ostrich pillow. you put this on. it has beanbags in it so it is soft. you have an eye mask, now you can lean and go to sleep.

>> you don't need your woobie anymore.

>> and it packs flatter than the neck pillows.

>> so, so that's amazing.

>> you can stand to look a little dorky, that's awesome.

>> hoda doesn't mind.

>> not that funny. what else?

>> this is a track bot. you put this in your luggage. when you get to your destination, it texts you and lets you know that your luggage is at your destination or it is summer else but you know where it is. it is faa compliant.

>> i don't like this segment, okay? i don't need everything.

>> i can probably hook you up if you need any of these items. you have all your chargers and everything and your bag looks like this. okay. these are these amazing gorgeously colored cable rings that look like mexican food . they are called the cord taco.

>> that's --

>> look how gorgeous the colors are. premium leather.

>> iphone and --

>> and they're all so organized, right?

>> this one matches.

>> yes this is perfect for your both your dresses.

>> it wouldn't be the first thing lost down there.

>> this is great to give your kids in the back seat of the car and for when you get home from a trip, throw all your videos in, app called animoto, it makes a whole wonderful slide show. this is my daughter and i when we came here for a weekend and i took pictures and there she is -- in minutes you can load everything in and it looks like you spent hours at the editing bay. photos and videos.

>> she's adorable, by the way.

>> thank you.

>> how were the oscars, by the way.

>> carly looked gorgeous. her husband is -- he produced what number?

>> les mis .

>> you're everywhere. i saw you at the grammys. i said what do you do? carly is everywhere.

>> i'm lucky my husband is really good at what he does. okay. packing this -- really great app to help you pack everything and remember things.