TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

‘Flipping Out’ star: Failure opened door for success

Jenni Pulos is one of the co-stars of the Bravo show “Flipping Out.” In her new book, “Grin and Bear It,” she explains how failure opened the door to new opportunities in life. She is also a rapper and performs an original rap for Kathie Lee and Hoda.

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>>> the road to success has not always been a smooth one for jenni pulos.

>> that's for sure. but it is the bumps that she hits that helps her handle whatever comes her way, including her over the top demanding boss from bravo's reality show "flipping out".

>> i think it is a little early to wear a tight dress. until you can lose another 10 or 15, i think it is better you wear the maternity clothes.

>> i think that's really inappropriate and mean.

>> it is.

>> you're not quite where you were yet. you're getting there. but i want you to be conscious of that when you're getting dressed.

>> oh, my god. jenni, who shares her journey in her new book "grin and bear

it: how to be happy no matter what reality throws your way".

>> it is how not to do things.

>> yeah. i've had a lot of disappointment in my life and i thought, i'm going to write how not to book. bring it on.

>> you're honest about the fact you were self-sabotaging your own success.

>> absolutely.

>> in many ways.

>> absolutely. you know, i think i was addicted to being a victim. and also went to worst case scenario . so it is a language that you're taught to speak when you grow up. i grew up in a loving, great family, but critical and i think that they made me who i am today and i'm very proud but i wanted to help people to have -- be age able to speak a different language.

>> when jeff berates you or -- how do you react to that inside or do you think it is just part of the shtick and part of the show?

>> you know, i changed. and that's part of the book. i used to take it more personally. and it has been a ride, but i think my life, when i embrace failure, you know, and really said i'm going to take responsibility, i'm going to own it rather than put it on him or the situation, it is very freeing. and we are a dysfunctional family .

>> everyone is.

>> it is.

>> it is a partnership. it is a marriage, anything, it is a lot of work. you have to hang on and enjoy the ride .

>> yeah. she said during her life as an actress how she would not prepare for your auditions and things and think, i got this, i got this.

>> and the thing i would say to young people out there is work, don't worry. that's a whole chapter in the book. it is about the work. that's what you can control. so work hard. and you'll get to what you want to do. and also maybe you're not in this perfect job that you want to be in, but do the best you can and you will go forward.

>> it will lead to the next one.

>> one of the things you work at is rap.

>> our a rap singer.

>> yes.

>> my very first favorite rap star.

>> you didn't like "rapper's delight".

>> i got a little ditty for you.

>> okay. drinking in the am with sister salty and spicy they're doing it all and doing it spicy these musical mamas make morning feel good let's rap hoda and kathie lee i'm in the hood hoda and kathie lee

>> all right. i was right. i now love rap.