TODAY   |  February 22, 2014

#LoveYourSelfie: Lester, Erica, Jenna, Dylan share body flaws

Over the next week, TODAY will be talking about how people can embrace themselves, flaws and all. To kick off the #LoveYourSelfie series, the TODAY anchors share the challenges they face when they look in the mirror.

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>> and all week long on "today," we'll be talking about how to embrace your body, flaws and all. and to kick things off, we are sharing a few of the things we love about ourselves and a few that we don't.

>> my body's constantly changing. i've had two kids. things just don't work in the same way that they used to.

>> i would say my body is fairly petite.

>> not too skinny, not too heavy, but appropriately athletic.

>> lean but with problem spots.

>> i was a very awkward child. my glasses actually took up the majority of my face, but my teeth were growing at the same time, so i had giant teeth and giant glasses.

>> i used to hate the locker room in junior and senior high school because i had this incredibly skinny, sunken chest.

>> from the neck up, i was aesthetically challenged, and my peers did not stop reminding me of that fact all throughout high school .

>> like a lot of middle-aged guys, you know, i have to worry about the belly, and that's what i'm obsessed with, trying to avoid the pot belly .

>> i've never been a big fan of my arms. my arms are never going to look like some other arms. you do your best to accept that and move on.

>> i have really bad scoliosis. i'm always trying to stand up straight, but then i look at pictures and i'm really not standing up straight, no matter how hard i try.

>> i'm very comfortable in my skin right now. i feel good about the fact that i am a constant work in progress .

>> i've always liked my eyes, so that's an easy one.

>> i would definitely say smile is one of those things that i love about myself.

>> sometimes in the gym i get nice compliments about my calves. [ laughter ]

>> when i think of beauty, i think of confidence. here's what i'm going to be today because this is who i am, and take it or leave it.

>> i love the moments, honestly, when my kids say things to me, like "mommy, you're beautiful," and i'm in pj pants and my hair's in a ponytail and i'm not wearing any makeup. that f these sweet, little boys can think their mom is beautiful because they love me for who i am, then that's a great day.

>> you have to figure out what your beauty is and appreciate that, and all the other stuff, those are just going to be little things that are going to add to it, little icings on the cake.

>> we do all need to love ourselves a little bit more. take that picture of yourself, love your selfie and love yourself.

>> i don't know how you guys felt, but i found it very awkward to be asked those questions about, you know, your body. it was -- that in itself was very difficult.

>> i think you're right, it was. one of the things, though, that i think was a positive that came out of it, because i think we all can probably make a list a mile long of things that we don't like about ourselves or things that we think are flawed that probably, you know, most of the world would disagree with. it was a great exercise to be forced to pick something about yourself that you like.

>> you do like.

>> and to make yourself --

>> talk about it.

>> we all have so many positives, and if we could all focus a little bit more on that, i think we would feel better about so much.

>> i think we do that as a society. it's so easy to talk about what we don't like about ourselves. it's the first thing that comes to mind -- i want to fix this, this and this. to finally sit there and someone says what do you like about yourself? you'll see it really changes your attitude about everything else and how you approach everything.

>> and watching it again and hearing yourself say it, it's like, oh, yeah, i guess i do like my smile because i said it.

>> you know those glasses? killer glasses!

>> bring them back.

>> i'm going around here in sochi showing everybody my calves, so, anyway.

>>> next week you'll hear from the rest of our colleagues, matt on how he feels about losing his hair and savannah on her height. and everyone from cameron diaz to michelle obama will weigh in on this conversation.

>> that's coming up. and also on monday's show, our friends and colleagues will be saying hello without any makeup in the morning, and you can get in on that action, too. so, as you're sharing your selfies with us all week long, on monday we're encouraging you to take a makeup- free photo , share it on twitter, share it on facebook, use #loveyourselfie. and lester, don't worry about it, because you look great without makeup.

>> we're off on monday, though. isn't that our day off?

>> we are off on monday.