TODAY   |  February 05, 2014

Bill Clinton tops list of figures people can forgive

In a poll conducted by Vanity Fair and CBS’ “60 Minutes,” 43 percent of those surveyed said they were more willing to forgive Bill Clinton for his indiscretions than others such as Lance Armstrong, Richard Nixon and Bernie Madoff.

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>>> today." an interesting study recently about lying. and they asked a lot of interesting questions in that vein. including which public figure are you most willing to forgive? here's at the top of the list, bill clinton with 43% of people say they would be willing to forgive him. you may be surprised who is in second place.

>> who?

>> lance armstrong down at 22%. and richard nixon was third. bernie madoff, people not in a forgiving mood. ponzi schemer was convicted, 3% were ready to forgive him and 11% said none of them would forgive any of them.

>> okay.

>> fascinating.

>> mr. lauer?

>> i thought the lance armstrong number is surprising. i'm surprised it's even at 22%.