TODAY   |  January 25, 2014

Anchors try new Oreo flavors of cookie dough, marshmallow

“I have a whole technique,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer, who gave her Oreo a good soak in a glass of milk before trying one of the new flavors. Soon, cookie dough and marshmallow crispy Oreos are coming to shelves across the country.

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>> but when we heard oreo was coming out with two new flavors, we had to try them.

>> they have cookie dough , peanut blue and marshmallow crispy. they'll be available in grocery stores in just a week, but you know what? we have them here for breakfast this morning.

>> you're a dipper?

>> oh, i'm a dipper, yeah.

>> i've got to hold it in for six or seven seconds. i have a whole technique.

>> okay.

>> oh, i like that!

>> what's not to like?

>> it almost tastes coffeeish.

>> more like caramel, maybe.

>> i like it.

>> we'll have to do the other test, then.

>> got to cleanse your palate, first.

>> you do the old --

>> we're just going to let you know how it is when we eat cookies.

>> all right, let's see. this is marshmallow crispy. looks like there are bits of crispies in this.

>> i like that they're getting creative. oreo has been oreo for a long time.

>> they have limited edition colors during the holidays, but this tastes the same.

>> this really tastes like a marshmallow crispy.

>> i like it.

>> all right, well, there we go!

>> that's that. two thumbs up.

>> i actually like them --

>> that's it for us on a saturday morning.