TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

Woman goes 5 years without shampoo

A woman who says she hasn’t used shampoo on her hair in five years cites the excess chemicals in shampoo as her reasoning. Her routine consists of two rinses each week.

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>> the huffington post . what do you think your hair would look like if you just stopped shampooing it?

>> i did.

>> well, one woman, in fact, has done this. if you can believe it, she's gone five years without shampooing her hair. the results may surprise you. it sounds gross, but take a look. she actually looks pretty good. her name is jacqueline -- maybe she was a blond in a former life. she says she stopped shampooing because all of the chemicals and substances and tried organic shampoos, baking soda and vinegar. eventually she said she just started doing nothing to her hair in the shower. just rinses it with water twice a week and looks like it's working for her.

>> every day.

>> every other day.

>> every time i shower. once a week.

>> you guys?

>> you don't use shampoo.

>> a body wash.