TODAY   |  January 05, 2014

Quick-thinking road workers help plane land on busy highway

It’s being called “the miracle on the Major Deegan,” a stretch of highway just north of Manhattan. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> now to that emergency plane landing right in the middle of a busy highway here in new york. nbc news exclusively obtained this video taken in the moments after that plane landed. incredibly all three people on board are just fine this morning.

>> reporter: good morning. you know that idea that new yorkers have seen it all, they are not surprised by much. well they are pretty amazed that one. take a look. not because it landed right here along this busy highway, but because no one was seriously injured. it's being called the miracle on the major-day con. stretch of highway north of manhattan. the single-engine plane was on a sightseeing flagt saturday afternoon when it lost power and started going down. closer and closer to stunned drivers below. a quick thinking road crew out after the recent snowstorm saw the disaster unfolding.

>> we started slowing down the traffic so nobody would get hurt and the plane doesn't get hit by the cars. the plane hit the ground and came straight down, think it tree tops.

>> reporter: the small plane touched couldn't, careening to a stop without hitting a single car on the busy road.

>> plane struck down in the right-hand lane of the northbound-day con, skidded approximately 100 yards to a stop. the three passengers on board was safely removed. one of them with minor injuries.

>> reporter: the pilot and two female passengers were treated and leased from hospital within hours.

>> we expected everybody was fine. there was no fires in the airplane. there was no sparks.

>> reporter: engine trouble that could have ended in disaster. were it not for that road crew and pilot who seems to have done everything right.

>> he flew the airplane exactly the way his training taught him to. he kept his head. the results are good. it's a success story in every conceivable way.

>> reporter: so the faa is now investigating, the ntsb may as well. the road has been cleaned up. any hydraulic fluid that leaked has been taken off the road. it's back open and moving well on what's expected to be a busy travel day.