TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Dog owner re-creates movie scenes with mutt

In TODAY’s Take, Al, Willie, and guest host Brooke Shields check out a dog owner who has posted pictures of re-created classic film scenes with his pet (some more provocative than others), including canine takes on “Titanic” and “The Graduate.”

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>> welcome to today on a snowy friday morning. it's the 3rd of january, 2014 . brave folks. the snow has let up a little bit but it's been a long night. i'm willie geist with al roker . in for natalie this week our good friend brooke shields . al, this is your day my friend. how does it look out there?

>> let's go to the radar and satellite and give you an idea. basically, you can see we've got activity moving out of philadelphia. it's just about moving out of new york and just moving out of boston . we have got live pictures here. first of all, we're going to start off, philadelphia, even though the snow has stopped and you can see i-95, we have traffic now starting to finally pick up and the sun is starting to come out. so that's good news wechlt .o we go to new york and craig is getting ready to do a report for msnbc. you look good. and boston , the snowplows moving along i-93 and just pushing it there.

>> convoy.

>> yeah, it's pretty impressive stuff. we'll be k look at this for the next day or two we'll be looking at this snow. but the good news is its moving away. we have bitterly cold air. we'll talk about that in a little bit but this thing has dropped like over 10 inches of snow. 13 inch of snow in boston . it's dropped upwards of 30 inches of snow just to the north of boston . here in new york city we had about seven inches. 13 inches out on long island. the l.i.e. was closed and it is now open. all interstates around the tri-state area are open but moving slowly.

>> in terms of projections, did this meet the --

>> yes. and here's the interesting thing. usually the ratio for precipitation to snow is about 1 to 10. so one inch of rain would be 10 inches of snow. it was so cold out of this thing that we were seeing ratios at times of 1 to 30. so for every inch of precipitation 30 inches of snow.

>> it was so puffy.

>> it was so cold, it was really ringing all the moisture out of the atmosphere. and it was great to shovel.

>> easy to shovel but within seconds it was all blowing right back on.

>> exactly. that's what was a real challenge for all of those road crews out there. the airports as well. jfk was closed. boston logan open but no flights going in and out. they're hoping to be back in operation by noontime today.

>> now with all the precipitation on the ground, the temperatures getting so low across the country, you're going to have ice.

>> exactly. the problem is, this temperature shovelled the brine solutions, all of those things become ineffectual.

>> you mention the storm moving out but that doesn't mean the problem hasn't stopped. a lot of flight cancellations. check with the airport and air carrier before you head out.

>> we have another big storm coming.

>> it's going to be a long day for a lot of people. we'll keep on top of the weather. i love these doritos ads. we're just a month away -- just under from super bowl xlviii here in new york and people like the commercials more than the game. let's be honest. for the last 8 years doritos turned to the public asking them to submit ads for their contest. you make your own ad and submit it to doritos . here's two of our favorites.

>> hey. want to check out my time machine ? it runs on oritos.

>> sure.

>> now what.

>> put the whole bag in.

>> it's working.

>> get out of my yard.

>> jimmy? you're so old.

>> that is good.

>> there were so many of them.

>> for $300. $300. ryan thomas anderson from arizona produced that. that's pretty amazing.

>> and for $300. that was professional level.

>> and others were great too. some we couldn't show on the air.

>> yeah. but this one we can. this is cowboy kid . she is a mom from south orange county , california. you'll love this.

>> boys, can i get some help?

>> i don't know. can you?

>> i guess you don't want doritos . [ whistle ]

>> wow. that is pretty good.

>> this was amazing.

>> that's the most expensive one.

>> there is something in doritos that is addictive.

>> the cheese dust.

>> are you a doritos eater?

>> i became one when i had kids. my kids, we talk about it. it's terrible because we want to eat healthier and then i'm like but when it comes to doritos there's something about them.

>> especially the cool ranch.

>> i like the original.

>> have you tried those taco bell they have the taco made out of doritos .

>> oh, no, no.

>> why stop there.

>> it's a doritos tortilla.

>> if you want to see all the ads go to and they'll pick the two best and show them at the super bowl .

>> a hotel bill was paid by an anonymous, we don't know if it was a man or woman, unidentified person paying the bill of every single guest at the local hilton garden inn hotel. rates go from $109 to $119 a night and about 50 of the 93 rooms at that hotel were occupied at the time. that's a lot of money. one of the hotel guests vowing to pay it forward. don't know who the person was but saying i'll do it to someone else saying their family will donate their room savings to a food bank near their home.

>> i love that it's anonymous. i don't know if you have ever done that but i've paid for the toll behind me and there's a little bit of me that wants to pull over on the side and say i did it. which takes away.

>> takes away the purpose.

>> or you slow down and wait for them to get next to you. it was me.

>> well, that's just ego talking but i love that they're paying it forward and i wonder if they're doing something like that not only just to feel good and be generous but to spread the idea or paying it forward.

>> we see a lot of this in restaurants where somebody will look at a family that may need help and pick up the tab anonymo anonymously. that's a good thing.

>> absolutely. i don't know how to make a segway from that. so let's just go.

>> let's do it.

>> there's a guy making famous movie scenes using dogs instead of actors.

>> i love it.

>> right? this is a man and his dog recreating famous film scenes. he uses his boss's dog to reenact famous moments from movies.

>> not even his own dog.

>> let's start with dirty dancing , shall we?

>> let's not.

>> that's the lift. we know the lift. there it is.

>> there it is.

>> wow, dog has the same as jennifer -- joking.

>> what about the graduate?

>> i'll give this one a little funny. that's a little funny to me.

>> a little funny. i don't know who has the time to do these sort of things.

>> it didn't take much time. let's be honest.

>> if you're going to do it. you should spend a little more time.

>> and how about titanic.

>> that bothers me.

>> that's not the one. there's another one where --

>> oh, i see.

>> i don't know if i'm giving him that.

>> no.

>> i don't know who has the time and i'm sort of -- i'm unimpressed. i don't know.

>> it's an iphone shot of a guy holding his dog's ears at the end of the day .

>> anyway --

>> i think it's to brown nose the boss. that's what it is. let me use your dog.

>> got you on the "today" show. hope you got that raise my friend.

>> that's a good segway.

>> how about this, speaking of dogs.

>> better.

>> a new study, and you're going to have to walk me through this because i think you're more excited about this study than anybody. a new study revealed that dogs align themselves to the earth's magnetic field when doing their business. an ability has been detected in animals such as birds, whales and bees do the same thing. the researchers spent two years gathering the data. after ruling out the influence of wind, time of day and sun angle, only the thing that played a role in how and when a dog took care of their business was the earth's magnetic field .

>> do you know how they circle? my dog only goes on a grate.

>> on a subway grate?

>> oh, there she is.

>> pepper.

>> there's pepper.

>> your dog's name is pepper?

>> it is.

>> my dog's name was pepper.

>> it's like we were separated at birth. so evidently they poop in a certain angle but that's not including trees and hydrants and leashes and that's only when the magnetic field is stable. if it's not stable, they don't poop northwest.

>> are you enjoying that scone with your coffee right now?

>> anyway, that's more interesting, i think than the movie thing.

>> is there a chance we're giving the dogs too much credit.

>> yes. it was a light day in news. we're not going to lie to you.