TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Get ready for wedding season with these trends

Check out the latest wedding trends for everything from casual bridal looks to modern tuxedos.

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>> oh, for some couples, that first kiss of the new year came just after a marriage proposal.

>> here with some of the bridal trends hot in 2014 , bride's magazine editor -in-chief, good morning, happy new year.

>> happy new year.

>> what are the trends? what are we going to see?

>> great news for brides to be. there are so many trend for 2014 , starting with the first one in fashion, we have separates. splats are so popular. this two-piece is by j. crew . i love this for an afternoon wedding, daytime wedding.

>> you can reuse at least the top?

>> you can. one of the few dresses.

>> it's affordable.

>> a dress like this will be more affordable.

>> it is, under $1,000.

>> we are noticing more colors with men, which is a new thing.

>> guys are mixing it up for 2014 . so here we have a grey tux edo. we are seeing slate blue is popular as well. what i love about this, it really is an opportunity for guys to personalize their look and make it their own as well by adding a pop of color in the tie and the pocket square . can you add a little personality.

>> is there a certain time of year you might wear grey as opposed to a classic tux?

>> this was during day, year round. certainly for a destination wedding, this would be great as well.

>> natalie chose a new thing, a more simple dress, you bring in the glitz and glamour and the bling?

>> yes.

>> can you tell us about that?

>> yes, natalie, who is actually engaged and getting married.

>> not to you, right?

>> just checking.

>> this, she's wearing this really for the glamour gir. great for an evening wedding. we are seeing so much of this for 2014 . it's the statement making beaded next line. so a lot of the dresses it's sewn into the dress. here's it's the bolero. by having the jewelry built in. you do enneed many accessories, you put on the earrings and you are ready to go.

>> what about kevin?

>> for guys not ready to do color and really want to do a classic tuxedo. we are seeing it's all about the narrow fit. it makes it much more modern, gives it more of a european flav flavor. the buttoned jacket. it makes it all fresh, the boxy tuxedo of the '90s is definitely over. so we want --

>> the high pin is a little.

>> exactly. it's all about styling the tuxedo as you would style a suit. so the narrow tie makes it feel more fresh and modern.

>> do you like this tie over the bow tie or is it to your taste?

>> it is about the tie, it definitely feels more modern.

>> let's move onto the table the decor, what are we looking at here?

>> this is one of my favorite trends for 2014 . we talk about this all the time in the office. this is about tone on tone color . what i love about this is a bride can do this herself. she takes her favorite color and maxes it out by picking both a light shade and dark shade of the same hue. here we have navy with light blue and the key is to layer it. to really add the dimension and texture. it's a case where more is more. more is definitely more here. and it's your wedding. so you know why not go all out?

>> and are pimpgs and reds, are those the colors that were in? were they sort of not in this year?

>> they are taking a bit of a back burner to jewel tones and more modern colors now. we are seeing especially as men get more involved in helping plan the go ahead e wedding, that couples are choosing a color palette that speaks to both of them. so sometimes pinks doesn't always fit the guy as much.

>> the rule of the groom, though, is to say that looks fantastic. it's chosen so well. good advice. kia thanks, so much. great to see you.

>> well done models. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. .

>> coming up, carson and hoda reveal the first makeovers of the new year.

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