TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Jimmy Fallon tops dream celebrity neighbors

Which celebrity would you most want to live next to? A recent poll showed that Jimmy Fallon was the most desirable celebrity, followed by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Who was the least desirable? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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>> you like to have as a neighbor? well, the real estate website zillow has a new website out ranking the most and least desirable neighbors. first is jennifer lawrence and then miranda and blake shelton and then jimmy fallon . wouldn't you love to have them next door.

>> are they the people you peek out the window and say what's going on at that house. there's people who perhaps would make the neighborhood decrease in value.

>> oh, wow.

>> justin bieber and miley cyrus .

>> yeah.

>> they didn't like him speeding down the street. also i would love to live next to this family, the honey boo boo family. we would be like bffs and no surprise to some people. kim kardashian and kanye west . who would you like to have -- i would like to live maybe next to kim but i'd be afraid kanye would say get off my lawn.

>> a lot of paparazzi in the street.

>> yeah.

>> anybody got ideas who they want to live next to?

>> james franco .

>> you and franco.

>> well, my fiancee is in