TODAY   |  December 26, 2013

Deadline extended for Obamacare enrollment

The Obama administration has extended the deadline for health care enrollment, with some citing a high volume of people attempting to sign up earlier in the week. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> there is more confusion when it comes to the president's health care lot. for the second time this week, the white house announced yet another extension. we find the president in hawaii. peter, good morning, explain. i thought we had the fwiinal deadline this week. now there is an exception to that?

>> there is a small exception to that. this is being done on a case by case basis. if you think you can go to the website and sign up for coverage. the administration is trying to accommodate that last minute surge, so they're allowing people to call in, if they can show they couldn't enroll for coverage by the deadline that they may still be able do it. they'd have to show it was because of problems with the federal website. consider this, there was certainly a record surge as the white house had anticipated enrollment running through some of the states right now. keflt on monday had 6,700 enrollments. washington state 20,000 enrollments last weekend. in fact, in california, they had more than 100,000 enrollments between friday and monday.

>> that means in four days, they had more enrollments than they had in the entire months of october and to have t. problem right now is this puts a lot of pressure on the insurers to process hundreds of thousands of new applicant, enrollees in a matter of days before the new year begins. what happens if you have a problem on january 1st or 2nd the insurers have to make sure you are covered. a lot of people think they're enrolled. that may not have happened. there are still some problems with the information. insurers haven't received their insurance cards yet. so right now, if you are concerned about that, one of the things you can do is reach out to your insurer, savannah, make sure you pay your premium. if you do that by january 10th , you will make sure you are retroactively covered.

>> pay the premium, i want my insurance. then meanwhile you are there in this tropical location the president once again spending his christmas in hawaii. tell us about their day.

>> reporter: they woke up in the white house the family opening gifts together, singing careless t. first lady and brent over to marine corps base hawaii where they were visiting with the troops, thanking them for their service. we understood they were only going to take pictures with a couple families that were there. it turns out the first lady and president took photos with all 580 troops and their families t. right thing to do, obviously, to give you a sense, they're in a joyful mood these days. it was 33 degrees as i understand it in d.c. yesterday. last we understand it was 82