TODAY   |  November 21, 2013

Submit your holiday cookie recipes for the anchors

The TODAY anchors are sharing their favorite holiday cookies in honor of Throwback Thursday. See who likes what and find out how you can submit your own recipes for a chance to bring them to the studio!

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>> guys, it's throwback thursday. we are feeling festive. we thought we would take a look ought our holiday cookies. i have great memories of the sights and sounds of a brown paper bag. my mom shaking it. she was making snowballs.

>> i like it.

>> one of my favorite cookies.

>> some of us couldn't get our cooking of choice. i'm just saying, sugar cook kirks all of that. i love the rasberry, the tarts t. rasberry in the middle. delicious, if anybody wants.

>> i have i think the best cookie here. i think if i put truth serum, you would all agree shortbread is the most delicious.

>> we all love. it's good.

>> i actuay wanted to choose shortbrady, i was told savannah had it already. i was told to pick a fake favorite cookie which turned out to be ginger spice cookies.

>> i used to make and send these as gifts the chassic shuck gar cookie.

>> i like these, too.

>> everyone is eating my shortbread.

>> it's good to dip it.

>> a stick of butter, we love it.

>> so, d you have a family recipe for your favorite holiday cooking? we want you to let us know. by the way, send it to "today".com. you can get a chance to show them on the show.

>> ginger spice , shortbread, sugar, tart or snowball.