TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

Holy nostalgia, Batman: Batmobile visits TODAY plaza

Check out this classic replica of the Batmobile featured in the iconic 1960s “Batman” television show as it cruises onto the TODAY plaza.

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>>> and we are back. check this out on a wednesday morning, 8:30. cruising down 49th street here in midtown manhattan in one of the coolest cars you will ever see. this is a rendition, a modern rendition of the classic bat mobile.

>> holy replica batman! this is road worthy. $200,000. you can pull it into your own bat cave .

>> handles like a dream. probably not great on gasoline. but it's got amazingly cool features as i pull upright over here. hello folks. let me figure out how to put this thing in park.

>> got it up to 14 miles per hour there. that was really exciting.

>> we didn't want to put the rocket into play.

>> savannah, go around back for a second.

>> no.

>> check this out --

>> no, don't do it --

>> don't get too close.

>> do it do it.

>> get a shot of the rear end of this car.

>> here we go.

>> is it working?