TODAY   |  November 09, 2013

Meet the ‘swant’: An old sweater turned into pants

Looking to do something with all those old Christmas sweaters? The solution has arrived. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer modeled a pair of “swants,” a DIY pant made from a sweater she never wears.

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>> new do it yourself fashion trend if you happen to have some old sweaters in your closet.

>> you are excited about this one. i see it! you don't have to get rid of those sweaters. no, no. how about some swams? it looks cute on a little girl .

>> turn them into pants. not on that guy.

>> they are the brainchild of one man who offers up quite the tutorial on his website you can take your favorite sweater and you can turn that sweater into your favorite pair of pants and, dylan , apparently you're our model for this one?

>> apparently, this is the escapades what we can get dylan dreyer to do on tv so i'm still learning that apparently i say yes, to everything. yes, take a look at my sweater before they were turned into swants.

>> is that the sweater you were wearing?

>> it's a sweater --

>> you turned it into swants?

>> enough fabric to turn them into pants?

>> there was enough fabric to turn them into pants.

>> you got to work it right now, dylan ! work it!

>> i could do like hungs do lunges in thes e things. if i could stay in these the rest of the show.

>> you could. be careful what you wish for!

>> i feel like i have a load of sand in my pants.

>> oh, okay.

>> why would you do that?

>> that is the million dollar question!

>> it took us four hours to make them so i