TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Teacher’s widow: He loved shooter ‘no matter what’

The wife of Mike Landsberry, the teacher who was shot and killed at a Nevada middle school, told NBC News’ Joe Fryer that “no matter what,” her husband loved all his students at the school, including the alleged shooter.

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>> half hour with new details on last week's school shooting in nevada. good morning. good to see.

>> sharon and mike landsberry celebrated their wedding anniversary right before the shooting. she was not surprised to know her husband tried to stop the shooting and holds no ill will toward the gunman and his family.

>> reporter: it was the definition of a tragic story. a 12-year-old opened fire outside sparks middle school last week wounding two students and killing mike landsberry before taking his own life. but in the days that followed, landsberry's family is finding comfort in a story of love.

>> he told everyone that everyone he loves and cared about he would lay down his life for them and that's exactly what he did that day.

>> police saw he bought other students time to get away. what did that mean to you?

>> that they are safe and he did what he told them that he would do.

>> why was it so important for you to do this?

>> i want everyone to know how much he loved his country, his family, his students. the last thing i heard from him that morning was good-bye, beautiful, have a good day. can't wait to be home with you so we can go for our walk. i love you and the lost words he heard from me was i love you too.

>> he is my stepfather but to me he's my dad. he loved me and my sisters so much.

>> because the shooter is no longer with us, we may never actually know why this happened.

>> knowing why, to me doesn't matter. my husband laid down his life doing what he loved to do and protecting the ones he loved. that family is going to grieve just like we are.

>> if you had the chance, what would you say to his family? what would you want them to know?

>> that i'm sorry that they lost their son. and i know they're hurting. but mr. l loved him no matter what. and his family does too.

>> mike landsberry had two step daughters. the youngest one he inspired to join the military. she had a graduation ceremony four day afs ts after the shooting. they still had the ceremony.

>> i can't believe their composure and grace.

>> they're an incredibly strong family.