TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Blake Shelton’s mom writes country music novel

Dorothy Shackleford, mother of Blake Shelton, talks to Hoda and guest co-host Anthony Mackie about how her son inspired her to write her first novel, “Time for Me to Come Home,” based on a song she co-wrote with him.

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>>> we are back now with more of "today" on this tuesday, and anthony macke is here helping me out while kathie lee enjoys the day off. we're excited to welcome the mother of my all-time favorite country star . and i think she's scared of me. her name is dorothy shackelford and she's blake shelton 's mother.

>> yes. yeah!

>> so exciting.

>> no surprise. you're a songwriter, too.

>> i'm a songwriter.

>> right. penned her first novel for the holidays called "time for me to come home."

>> first of all, can we just make a toast to you for raising such a wonderful son?

>> your daughter's not too bad either. i just saw her. i like the spiral curls.

>> that's blake 's sister. we have his sister and mother here.

>> this is my second favorite day, next to the day when blake 's here. but, anyway, just want to run a little clip, because your son did have having to say to show you off before we started your segment.

>> hi, mom. i just wanted to say congratulations on your book. time for me to come home. and i hope it sells a million -- i hope it sells 10 million copies and i hope you have fun in new york, and kathie lee and hoda, please, don't get my mom too drunk. too drunk. [ laughter ]

>> oh.

>> is there a story there?

>> then it gets real.

>> now, tell us about this book, because this is such a great, new adventure for pup there's a main character in your book. is it base and your son or someone who came to you in your imagination?

>> there's many similarities. sawyer, he's like shelton. they both like to drink a lot.

>> of course they do.

>> that's the main thing.

>> okay.

>> and -- he's a country singer .

>> right.

>> just coming off tour. tired, warnout. just wants to go to a deserted island but he has to go home because it's christmas .

>> have you enjoyed writing? i know you enjoy writing music, but writing books and that kind of thing? is that something you always --

>> this is my first book, but i've wrote hundreds of songs. nobody will record them. but i have.

>> we're going to record one of your songs today. the book follows heath on his journey and him wanting to come home. the idea. so what was blake like when he was a kid? like, christmas and stuff like that? all the gifts and wanted so much for christmas ?

>> you know, he never really wanted that much. he already had everything.

>> look at this picture. okay. i'm dying.

>> he always --

>> do you think --

>> i have those jammies.

>> of course you do. can i ask you a personal question. do you think it's weird that i named my dog after your son?

>> i think it's awesome.

>> you do?

>> yes.

>> you're not a little -- my mom thought it was weird. my own mother thought it wad strange. i told her, look, it's no big deal .

>> he calmed you that morning and said, do it. you remember?

>> yeah. so it's all okay.

>> yeah.

>> i didn't name my dog blake . i was -- same dog. different name.

>> you should name your dog dorothy .

>> done. changing -- my dog's name is kathie lee , but i'm going to containing her name to dorothy . kathie lee dorothy . that's her new name.

>> oh, yeah. oh, yeah.

>> are you surprised -- when you watched -- look, your son was very famous obviously in country music circles and then after "the voice" he sort of exploded across country. are you surprised at how much people have taken to your son and therapy just so enjoying watching him evolve?

>> you know, even when he was young, people took to him. he has been like that all of his life. just a jokester, cut up. crazy.

>> uh-huh.

>> bug you to death. pester. i mean, that's him.

>> does he have your sense of humor and personality, or where does it come from, do you think?

>> i think he got some from both me and his dad.

>> okay. what about his sister? [ laughter ] sorry. is that too much? too forward. i'm sorry, i'm sorry.

>> he probably didn't get much of that fun stuff from her.

>> she always makes me jealous. i'm trying to make her jealous.

>> we want to wish you the best of luck with this book. congratulations. tell your