TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Kate Bosworth, Josh Lucas talk new film ‘Big Sur’

Actors Kate Bosworth and Josh Lucas talk to Jenna and Hoda about their roles in the upcoming film “Big Sur,” directed by Bosworth’s husband, Michael Polish. Based on a 1962 novel by Jack Kerouac, the film touches on the Beat Generation author’s struggle with alcoholism.

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>>> actorses kate bosworth and josh lucas take on an american literary icon in the new film "significa " big sur ."

>> the film dives into the life of alcoholism. and josh lucas and kate bosworth , his mistress. it seemed complicated.

>> kate 's real life husband michael polloispolish, and josh showed up with had its baby. your baby's here and we love him.

>> my baby sheer, because my babysitter did not show up. i was racing to be here on time to make that. this movie created two relationships. kate with the director michael and they ended up getting married and my wife fell in love during this movie and there's our son.

>> go watch the movie. you better.

>> kate , you always wanted to work with your husband, but did you think you'd end up marrying him?

>> you know, i've always admired his work, and i signed on to this film because i'm such a fan of his, such a fan that i didn't ever want to leave his side again.

>> is it at all awkward when your boyfriend is the director? how does that work on the set?

>> well, we weren't together actually on the movie. we just worked together. no, it's such a natural way to work together. it doesn't get in the way. it doesn't hinder anything. it only adds to it.

>> josh, you said making this movie is magical.

>> if you saw the location itself, it's truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. you're taking on this iconic artist in jack kerouc to deal with his own demons. they came together with no money, purely with love. that's probably why the relationships and friendships came out of it. but it was a movie built on nothing but good. and something i think very beautiful came out of it which is it a very, very honorable piece of art.

>> were you guys familiar with jack kerouc's work before the film?

>> just a little bit. i became more of a fan before working on the movie because we had to get to know him, his character, so intimately.

>> and your character is in love with him in the film. tell us about that enter relrelationship?

>> well that was interesting because it was making its way into the era of the hippie. my character yearns for a way of living and experimental in dating these two men.

>> that was complicated, probably, right?

>> it was a complicated time. it was a time of relaxation and experimenting and also one where she's yearning for the family unit.

>> josh, what do you think the modern day take-away is from this film?

>> these were men and people who were breaking boundaries. they were breaking apart from some of the thinking of the 1960s , post world war ii . and moving into artist exploration and free love . but there's both a good and bad that came out of that. there's a sense of great personalization that the film tries to understand. particularly, jack trying to understand his own madness and his own relationships. and to be free and not possessive.

>> sure.

>> we wish you guys luck with the film.

>> it's going to be at the austin film festival , right?