TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Politician: Not my job to stop teen house party

Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler said he was just looking for his son when he was spotted at a teen house party in June. Despite criticism, Gansler said he did not have “moral authority” over other people’s children.

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>> i had a really good head rush , though, that was good.

>> did it work?

>> i think it's really good for the back, too, to sprech you out of it. good for the brain.

>> it worked in the middle ages .

>> it was torture. this is a wild story. i don't know if you heard about this. the attorney general there also running for governor, douglas gentzler is in hot water. the baltimore "sun" showed him at a teenage drinking party . he is a democrat running for governor. he told the ballot per"sun" to talk briefly to the teenage son that was there.

>> they were there for senior week, by the way. a lot of parent got together. they rented a house for the kid for senior week. they knew there was underage drinking going on, i would assume and this is something that happens during senior week, but the parents were chap ryaning. there were two parents every night.

>> the toernts, i guess they made a play, we know it's senior week, they're 18-years-old, let's try to control it. the parents rent the house. they printed rules that were given to the baltimore "sun" to show the kids there, you can't get in the car. you can't drink hard alcohol . beer can get you drunk. they tried to contain it somehow. you can agree or disagree for that. certainly unwise for someone running for governor.

>> earlier, he had publicly advocated against underage drinking . we have a video from a century council , a group that works to combat teen drinking . take a look.

>> i'm attorney general doug ganslor. kids begin to start drinking alcohol around age 12. it's never too early to talk to your kid about smart ways to say no.

>> okay. that's not good.

>> he eats his own words there. although, we did reach out to the attorney general ganslor. he did tell the baltimore "sun" paper assume for purposes of discussion that there was widespread drinking at this party. how is tarell to me? the question is, do i have any moral authority over other people's children at beach week in another state? i'd say no. it's tough, no matter, attorney general, running for governor, parenting another parent's child, that's a slippery slope .

>> but on the other hand if it was my kid and will you had gone to the party, i would hope that maybe you'd say, you know, guys, acting as a surrogate, it's a tough, a very tough call.

>> this is a hard one, too. it's not like a bunch of kid were throwing their own party the dad showed up, what are you doing here?

>> it was organized by the parents.

>> a photo on instagram by one of the state of the union , it shows him in the middle taking a photo. a bunch of kids with plastic cups , most likely not coca-cola in those cups.

>> we don't foe.

>> we don't know.

>> he was one of the parents helping rent the house out for the kids.

>> you are making that psa, you don't want to be running for governor. here's another strange teacher story. this is from albuquerque, new mexico. a