TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Pope suspends ‘bishop bling’ over $42 million home

Pope Francis has suspended German Bishop Franz-Peter-Tebartz-van Elst after he used the church’s money to build a lavish $42 million home that was six times the size of the original blueprint. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> at the corner of happy and healthy. pope to resign. he built himself a home chapel and stuff costing $42 million. it's not exactly us a territory for being poor among the poor. but this is if house the catholic church 's money built, courtesy of a big name, big home and office complex , simply with a $42 million price tag, six times the original plan. those sleek and modern cool looking probably generated outrage. it's become a huge angry tourist attraction .

>> i presume he has a golden faucet. it's crazy.

>> i wanted to ring the doorbell and ask, but there is no doorbell.

>> you can't beg for money all the time and bailed place like that? the rome pope is frantic known for his stunning from yugality. this is his residence, he temporarily suspended the bishop and his replacement. the vatican is displeased the bishop tried to sue a german magazine for reporting he was flying 1st class to india to help poor. he says he flew business class .

>> it's the quality of silence.

>> reporter: he said his new residence was actually multiple projects, costing so much because of renovations. now all the subject of a commission inquiry in the seat of the catholic church , which, then again, isn't too shabby either. on the way the rome, here's the bishop, he started flying a rock bottom budget airline . you know, this new pope has not been shy about tackling this. up here, someone tacked up a poster, saying, hello, mr. bishop, he had the top ec of money and misconduct in 1517 , a reference to martin luther over excesses in the church. matt.