TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Comfort food! Giada’s stuffed artichoke soup

To warm up your family on cool autumn evenings, celebrity chef and TODAY contributor Giada De Laurentiis puts her twist on classic fall recipes, like stuffed artichoke and tomato soup.

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>>> we are back at 8:51 with today's kitchen doing cooking with the incredible giada.

>> that's right.

>> that's right. she is going to cook something.

>> she is a today contributor and she is warming us up with fall soups.

>> can you not cook?

>> i cook a little bit but not really.

>> you have a daughter that loves to cook, though.

>> yeah, she loves to cook. she has a little website.

>> okay. this is for catherine.

>> i follow instructions well.

>> i'm going to give you some.

>> okay.

>> will you top it for me.

>> top it?

>> so the idea is stuffed artichoke soup. you can touch it.

>> okay.

>> so make it look like that.

>> so basically you take all the things from the stuffing of an artichoke.

>> put whatever you want . this is all you have to choose from.

>> okay.

>> i'm going to get started. leaks, a little olive oil and you guys know what leeks are?

>> well, a lot of people use onions and you like leeks.

>> matt did his homework. i only like to use the white part. this is fibrous and chop it up. it's sweeter for artichokes because they tend to be sweet. so i use frozen artichokes. you can use fresh but you aren't going to want to clean them. maria for sure isn't going to want to. you let it cook and puree it.

>> that's it? i thought it was going to be hard.

>> the ingredients are salt, pepper, chicken broth , artichoke.

>> yeah.

>> what i do is really it's the potatoes that have to cook, a make it nice and creamy and blend it all together.

>> good.

>> okay. you have another soup now.

>> this is more up your alley mat. so it's panchetta and onions.

>> maria is saying all the italian words in my eyes.

>> it's an italian cook.

>> is that all the fat of the panceta in there?

>> all the fat. it's good. canned tomatoes and rye bread . it gives it a nice texture.

>> you said frozen tomatoes and bread.

>> no, i said canned tomatoes .

>> canned tomatoes .

>> you already made a mistake.

>> basil to make it spicier and chicken broth and let this cook for 20 minutes . a little under actually.

>> this is a whole meal.

>> this is a whole meal.

>> is it okay to keep it in the fringe?

>> a week, yeah, you can freeze them if you want to and then just defrost them.

>> and they're healthy.

>> they're healthy.

>> what do you have there? this is the soup and -- can you say? it.

>> yogurt.

>> and then i just take a little and -- actually maria , why don't you do it?

>> thank you.

>> you get to do something too.

>> you said you couldn't cook.

>> that's right.

>> there you go.

>> she can garnish. and then a little bit of basil right on top. see how nice that is? then a lemon chicken soup. a friend made it when i had jade. in fact, would you like to try it? natalie came in earlier and got a bowl of it. this might not be up your alley matt. but maria might like it.

>> go for the tomato.

>> i'm going to end up with a noodle hanging down my chin. it is a little spicy. it's good, though. it really is. thank you so much. and can we say thank you to you mar yee i can