TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

What are the oddest airline superstitions?

An article published by the Wall Street Journal describes some of passengers’ most peculiar superstitions about commercial flying, like patting the side of the plane, kissing the fuselage, and peering into the cockpit.

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>> how suspicious are you when are you boarding a plane when you fly? we look at the way we try to insure our safe travels. among the superstition, who does this right here? kissing the fuselage? all right. peering into the cockpit. i do do that to check on the pilot. passengers aren't alone.

>> what are you looking for? hygien hygiene?

>> tired?

>> apparently, though, some airlines are superstitious. 25% of airlines don't have a row 13. i was on one last week. i felt like i sat if a row 13, 13-a.

>> we got a lot of great response, one women says i carry a chestnut with me for good luck my sister gave me every time i fly.

>> i carry a squirrel.