TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday: What was your first car?

TODAY’s Carson Daly talks about the end of the Volkswagen VW Van and asks viewers to tweet about their first cars with #TODAYtbt.

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>> thought i'd help you out, savannah.

>> they keep moving the 1st down line on the football field .

>> it's an amazing sport.

>> i am amazed by that.

>> it is throwback thursday. we want to check in with carson. good morning to you.

>> that wasn't real?

>> don't spoil it for me. congratulations to the guys. good morning, it is throwback thursday. we were inspired by the story this week that volkswagon is going to discontinue the production of that classic vw van. this is the actual scoopy doo mystery machine . by the end of the year, it will no longer be in production. what was your first car? we'd love to know yours. so let us know. i'll match some of these beauties with some of our hosts here on the show. let us know now. also, i'm having a little breakfast in the orange room , you'd like to come in, join me, let me know , treat me. i will go outside. i will bring you in. i will have a bagel. tell me about your first car. it will be fun, let us know. back to you.

>> i like how you said, you were driving that hippy bus. if you were driving around, you don't remember.