TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Oracle Team USA: ‘One hell of a comeback’

The team members who pulled off an amazing comeback against New Zealand to win America’s cup tell TODAY that the comeback was one of “epic proportions.”

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>> members of oracle team usa , guys, good morning, congratulations.

>> all right. thanks, guys, good morning.

>> just raise your hands, how many have you been to sleep since winning and retaining the america's cup?

>> yeah, i didn't think so. so we'll tread lightly here him talk to me, words like epic, impossible, historic are being used to describe this victory, how do you guys describe it? skipper.

>> look, it was one hell of a comeback. this is one hell of a time. we have worked for a lot of years now. we are fighting a lot of adversity in the past. i feel it prepared us for this. man, we knew it was going to be a fight on the water. we never knew it was going to be these epic proportions . one heck of a comeback from the guys.

>> you staked every race for eight straight races. all the articles i read say changes were made to this boat after i think about the 8th or 9th race. in layman's terms, because we won't understand the technicalities. in layman's terms, what did you change to make that boat so much faster?

>> well, it's like formula one. you make small changes. it's all about developing the boat. i think psychologically this team the people involved in this team, seem to do better when they're at that super higher situation at match point when they're facing the barrel of the gun, we just refuse to die. we just refuse to go away.

>> we look at the boat, jimmy the rest of you guys, it is not the boat i watched in newport, 1983 . most people don't recognize this, have we crossed the line? is there no going back to those older boats?

>> well, yeah, it's the flintstone generation. this isn't your grandfather's america's cup. this is like the x games on water. man, these boats are very, very physical. a lot of risk. this is reward. standing on san francisco bay does not get any better than that.

>> when it comes down to it, you did the nearly impossible. guys, once again from all of us, congratulations, well done.