TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Which cities pass the ‘lost wallet’ honesty test?

Reporters dropped wallets in 16 cities around the world to see what cities have the highest return rate, with the list being topped by Helsinki, Finland. New York City also made the top five “honest cities” worldwide, while a city in Portugal didn’t fare well at all.

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>> from reader's digest t world's most honest city. the folks at the magazine decided to conduct a little experiment. they had their reporters drop wallets in 16 cities around the world. there was a name, a cell phone number, family photo and $50. the wallets were dropped all over the city. which cities do you think had the highest return rate? any guesses guys? you know the answer.

>> we do know.

>> most honest, finland. 11 of the 12 wallets were returned there. least honest was portugal. just one wallet was given by, and given back by a tourist once again. you know new yorkers get a bad wrap but our fair city actually returned 8 of 12 wallets.

>> all right. not bad.

>> my husband left his wallet in a cab in new york city and twice it's been returned. pretty good.

>> i dropped my wallet when i was biking and somebody mailed it to me.

>> wow.

>> no money taken.

>> everything in it.