TODAY   |  September 23, 2013

Emmy night’s emotional rollercoaster

Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi and Extra host Maria Menounos weigh in on the highs and lows of Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, from Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ hysterical acceptance speech to the stunning pastels and nudes that topped the list of fashion highlights.

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>>> "today" on this monday. it certainly is a fun day out in los angeles . still celebrating after last night's emmy awards .

>> a lot of funny moments and few surprises, but, of course, a lot of us watched for the fashion.

>> here with the headlines are "extra" most maria menounos and zania roberts rossi. hello, how are you?

>> hello.

>> looking fine.

>> maria, you watched the whole deal. what were your takeaways from the emmys? what surprised you?

>> i felt like it was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. a lot of highs and lows. and i just loved all the funny. i thought that was really refreshing for the emmys. i loved the host bit and then ending it with kevin spacey , amazing, as his character. julia louis-dreyfus accepting as her "veep" character was incredible. amy poehler and tina fey crawling up the stage. i mean --

>> michael douglas ' speech, he was something, huh?

>> i love michael douglas ' speech, you're only as good as your other half, which would you want, the top or the bottom.

>> let's talk about the tributes, that was controversial.

>> and continues to be today.

>> what was the take in the room on that?

>> it is one of those things where you can't please everyone. it is that. everyone we talked to on the carpet for "extra" said everyone should get equal time. i think they'll go back and re-evaluate and see how to approach it next year. i thought the tributes were beautiful for cory and james gandolfini and everyone. it was nice to hear from their peers and the people that meant so much to them in the business. they left such an impact and legacy behind. i thought it was nice to do, but it is kind of a difficult line to walk, you know. larry hagman , obviously, you know, an incredible actor and did so much for our business and it is really sad to see people left out, obviously. so we'll see.

>> annette funicello , jack klugman , so many, yeah.

>> there were other moments, your pal derek hough showed his moves. that was a highlight, wasn't it?

>> incredible.

>> choreography, too, right?

>> i was so excited. i mean, look at that.

>> who can do that?

>> it is funny, having been his partner on " dancing with the stars ," i know he's such an incredible guy and so talented. as i watch him now with other partners, i really do see that he choreographs to your strengths. he's so talented, it is incredible. and i was just, like, i kept telling him, i know you're going to win. i started shooting my video on instagram, i'm like if he doesn't win, i'm going to be so upset because i pumped him up so much.

>> we're going to talk fashion. pastels were big.

>> huge. something that comes directly from the runway, literally, awe week ago in new york and london and pastels were everywhere. we saw gorgeous dresses. claire danes here in one of the new trends, which was also a big trend. this was one of the best dressed of the entitle. she looks stunning. armani, straight off the runway.

>> we love you, but we disagree. we thought it was so unflattering for her body. she's a beautiful girl , maybe it would have looked much better in person than it photographed.

>> it was -- i mean, actually on the runway it was sheer from the waist down. thank goodness she's covered --

>> juliewe julianne hough did the sheer thing too.

>> did you love julianne hough 's dress?

>> i did. i like taking risks. she's gorgeous and has the body to do it.

>> blue was another big color.

>> it was huge. it was big for the girls and the boys as well. we saw allison williams, yes, it was very minimal, but a great shape. also, zoe dechanel, blues were a big trend on the runway. tina fey , this is a great dress. it fit her like a glove. and it was perfect to crawl up the steps in, i think.

>> ladies, thank you so much.