TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

FBI agent: Rescued Georgia girl ‘doing very well’

Ayvani Hope Perez was found safe Wednesday night after being taken in a home invasion as the search continues for two of her alleged kidnappers. FBI agent Rick Maxwell and Clayton County Police Chief Gregory Porter talk to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about their ongoing investigation.

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>> we have the latest on the arrests in this case. andrea, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. savannah, 14-year-old andrea perez was held captive from her home on this street. police have arrested two men t. fear for this family may not be over. there are more men at large. a happy homecoming for 14 yeerd adney perez, finally back home and safe late wednesday.

>> she was smiling. she looked very happy to be back home.

>> reporter: the brake in the case came wednesday morning.

>> she is safe.

>> reporter: investigators say avney was dropped off at a home in conyers, georgia. they won't reveal details about how they found her.

>> the people i just mentioned worked tireless hours to make sure this young lady was safe.

>> reporter: they arrested two men in connection with the kidnapping. still on the loose, the men in zheechs, who police say broke into the house early tuesday and kidnapped her.

>> ly not comment on the investigation at this time.

>> reporter: this 29-year-old who has a criminal record that includes four drug convictions has been arrested. he now faces a federal charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping. also under arrest 40-year-old juan alberto rodriguez held on federal immigration charges. will is a connection between he and her mother. court record reveal they were both arrested in the same 500 pound marijuana bust last year all charges were dismissed. according to atlanta journal constitution , a judge ruled that the search warrant was unconstitutional. in this small community still a heightened police presence. but also a sense of relief now that avney is home. and the good news, police say she was evaluated yesterday and she was not jushd. a police car now sits outside of her home as the focus of this investigation is centered on finding these two other men. sa van fa.

>> thank you so much. we are joined by fbi agent rick maxwell and gregory porter who are a little relieved with the safe return. gentleman, good morning to both of you.

>> dpoorm.

>> chief woodard, i'll start with you with the most important question, how is she doing this morning?

>> good morning.

>> chief, did you hear my question? i was asking how aveney is doing this morning.

>> yeah, good morning. she is doing well. as the last time we saw her last night and she went home with her family. she is doing very well.

>> and agent maxwell, i think you can hear me, were you able to talk to her? was she able to give a full statement to investigators?

>> we were able to talk to her last night before she was reyou noticed with her family and went home.

>> i think the chief is having trouble hearing me. so i will direct these questions to you, agent maxwell. i know you have these two suspects in custody now. they don't necessarily match the sketches that were earlier released in this investigation. are you anticipating that there will be additional arrests in.

>> yes. there are still suspects out there. we are anticipating aterrible arrests? what's the involvement of the men who were arrested? what do you allege here?

>> i'm sorry. i'm not able to comment on their involvement at this particular point. the investigation is still continuing. i believe those details will come out in probably the first court hearing .

>> sure. the atlanta journal constitution i'm sure are you aware that her mother was actually arrested in a marijuana bust with one of the suspects that was arrested yesterday. are you examineing that link? can you tell us anything about that research and how it fits into this case?

>> yeah, you know, i really can't comment on that link. we're not really focusing on that. we're really focusing on the kidnapping and, obviously, the safe relief of aveney.

>> i know it was a great deal of investigation, a lot of coordination by these various departments.

>> thank you for having us.