TODAY   |  September 18, 2013

‘Housewives’ star: I have ‘respect’ for my husband

Melissa Gorga of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is known for her stable marriage to husband Joe, and she shares her secrets to keeping their relationship sexy in her new book, “Love Italian Style.”

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>>> real housewives of new jersey, melissa gorga has been in her hot scenes on the set.

>> and knows how to keep it hot with her husband. "love italian style."

>> what made you want to put all this in writing?

>> you can't hide through the cameras and being on a reality show, i think joe and i get approached all the time about our marriage. and how we keep it fresh and playful. we have a lot of respect for one another and i think it shines through. i decided to write it down.

>> is that an everyday -- when you guys argue, which every -- every couple does, what do you argue about?

>> i think there's a bit of mixed conception with joe and i that we never argue. we do argue. we argue a lot and we argued a lot the first three to five years of marriage. i feel like everybody argues a lot the first three to five --

>> did you get it out of your system?

>> yes. you need to get through those first couple of years to make it better. you need to hold on, keep it going .

>> i think people just -- the minute things aren't going well, you get a hang nail . bye-bye.

>> exactly. it's really hard in the beginning. it's a big ego. i was a very independent girl when i met joe . italian guy. he wants you to be home.

>> you've taken that role on a little bit. how has that been for you?

>> it was difficult.

>> yeah.

>> difficult.

>> thank you. i love my kids.

>> and they're all joe 's?

>> they're all joe 's.

>> i have to ask.

>> we've been through our struggles and it's a fun read, too. we're talking about how women don't poop.

>> they don't what?

>> my husband thinks i don't poop.

>> shut the door. why do we have to talk about that?

>> there are a lot of fun reads that --

>> save a little mystery?

>> save a little mystery.

>> you dress up special for him some nights?

>> i do.

>> you get dressed when comes home?

>> with three kids it's difficult. i try to. i make the effort. he makes the effort. i try to do things that make him want to come home at night.

>> now he has been going through a family crisis along with his brother, theresa .

>> his sister, right.

>> theresa is his sister?

>> theresa is his sister.

>> how is the family dealing with all of that drama?

>> much better. we're in a much better place .

>> what's going on with theresa and her husband? i haven't read the latest. what's the story?

>> they're just trying to get through everything that's going on right now and just being strong, i guess.

>> court dates and all that ahead, is that right?

>> i believe so.

>> okay.

>> we wish you good luck with your book.

>> thank you.

>> what are you wearing tonight?

>> listen, it doesn't happen every night, but i try. i try to put things on that --

>> i think that's the key to it. your desire is to make it special, keep it fresh.

>> i want him to come home. i put the tight yoga pants on as opposed to the baggy sweat pants , things that men want to see. they're visual.

>> that's what i'm doing wrong.