TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Smile! That stop sign may be taking your picture

Police in Washington, D.C., are installing more than 100 cameras onto stop signs, and an impressive number of moving violations have already been issued. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>> cameras checking to see if you roll through a stop sign or actually come to a full stop . if you roll, you can cut off pedestrians or block an intersection. washington , d.c. is going to be big on them. that's where nbc's tom costello is this morning. tom, good morning to you.

>> reporter: hi, guys. good morning. we're not just talking act red light cameras and speed cameras .

>> that camera over my shoulder, that's a stop sign camera, looking for anybody that rolls through this four-way stop and there are cameras that watch for pedestrian walkways, whether you block the ber section, it's technology that could be coming to an intersection near you. if you come to the nation's capitol, you'd be well advised to watch your pedals, both gas and brake. no other city relies more heavily on traffic cameras than washington , d.c. 91 speed and red light cameras already with 132 more on the way. the newest cameras pointed at stop signs are about to go live.

>> red light , yellow lights, that's okay. stop seens are ridiculous.

>> reporter: but maybe necessary. over 30 minutes , we watched 54 cars approach this stop sign in washington . 37 of the 54 rolled right through, including a postal worker and a police officer . so the new cameras will catch drivers who fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign . they'll also look for drivers who get caught in the middle of the intersection and block the box when the light changes or drivers who turn no a crosswalk when a pedestrian has the right of way. the fines aren't cheap, depending on the type of ticket, you could be out 50 to $100.

>> these are all things our community has asked us to enforce the law. now we'll have the ability to do it with less man power and safer for police officers .

>> reporter: two avoid a tick, police advise drivers to come to a complete stop before the white line , to stay out of the intersection if you are likely to get stuck there when the light changes and to wait until pedestrians completely clear the crosswalk. nationwide, communities are turning to traffic cams. more than 500 use red light cameras alone. and safety advocates applaud.

>> speeding is a major factor in crashes and in causing injury and deaths and crashes.

>> reporter: but there are skeptics.

>> it's a lot of money. est not about security. right, or safety?

>> reporter: d.c. raked in $85 million last year alone. there is one way to avoid the tickets.

>> if you stop, no fine.

>> reporter: yeah, that's true. leak we said, if you come to d.c. , watch your ped pedals. metropolitan police here in washington encyst the cameras work. sense they started using speed cameras the number of fatal accidents in d.c. have dropped by 80%. 80%. they're going to keep using them. guy is, back to you.