TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Prince William ends military career to be full-time dad

The prince and Duchess Kate are giving up their cottage in remote Wales as William ends his military career as a helicopter pilot to focus on raising his son, Prince George, as well as charity work.

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>> we have big news from kensington palace after seven years of service, prince william is leaving his military job. michelle, good morning to you.

>> reporter: hi, savannah. right. this is a big milestone for prince william , ending nearly seven.5 years of military service that he loves to become a full time royal. he will expand his work with endangered species , this also means saying good bye to that idylic privacy that he and kate held on to in remote wales, their corner of normal life . three years as royal air force rescue helicopter pilot captain william wales as the presence is known has saved lives. a boy who had fallen into a quarry, a man having a heart attack on a gas rig , a teenage girl caught up in rough surf. now if announcement many anticipated, that he's scaling back at the job he was born to do.

>> it's a bit sad for presence william and kate to give up his military so early for him. he loved it. he will have to serve the queen in a different way. he will be king some day. he will have to knuckle down and get on with it.

>> that will include much charity work . something will and kate put their hearts into. what they will give is up that beautiful bubble of privacy they enjoyed if remote wales while williams was stayinged there. living in a cottage without staff. kate doing the grocery shopping, kooging theirself. it was their one bastion of onormal life.

>> i know i speak for katherine when i say i have never been as beautiful and welcoming as here.

>> reporter: now more bright life awaits. they will have their grand apartment at kensing tovrn 35 palace.

>> he rescued 149 people if you are keeping track. he will be able to move into this new apartment in the next few weeks. kate has been spotted with the baby and william's childhood nanny, fuelling speculation that they per situate persuaded her to come out of retirement and help take care of prince george .

>> so he will go from rescuing people in quarrys to make sure that george doesn't get into electrical sockets.

>> equally important job.