TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

6 items that can pull double duty around the house

If you’re about to get rid of your old shower curtain rings or pool noodles, hold on! Lifestyle expert Jene Luciani shares some great ways to turn those old items into organizational tools for around the house.

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>> which is always good and then you can use bottles for the same purpose. we're knocking everything over here.

>> you can't get that pool noodle back.

>> exactly.

>> the extra curtain ring.

>> curtain rings you can get at the dollar store and your hangers can be used for a multitude of purposes. so here, we're using them for handbag hanging, right? isn't that cool?

>> and you can actually hang them right on your shower -- your shower -- your closet rod as well and you can also get one of these ultimate purse organizers. you know how you're switching purses, so this keeps everything organized and you switch it in and out. you can get that on their website so handy tricks.

>> using the shower curtain rings, we are going to again use them. natalie you guessed this earlier. for scarves.

>> yes.

>> i got these --

>> yeah, there you go.

>> it's not like candy, al. i got these, a package for like $5. so you can get these too. lot of things.

>> excellent. okay, now the toilet paper rolls.

>> toilet paper rolls that we all throw out. excuse me natalie for a second.

>> we are using them for pantie hose because you stuff them in there and write what they are and they're stored.

>> kitchen utensils in the bedroom. useful for the bedroom.

>> rolling pin .

>> rolling pin , muffin pans and cork board like everyone has laying around their house.

>> sure.

>> so here we are with the rolling pin for bracelet storage.

>> oh.

>> you can paint it and decorate it as you'll see here.

>> do people have a lot of extra rolling pins.

>> how often do you use yours al.

>> i use it for baking.

>> and the muffin pan, i took paint and made it look decorative. it looks nice on the dresser and holds your trinkets and stuff.

>> very nice.

>> and the cork board as i talked about here.

>> i'll help you on this side.

>> i found this decorative corkboard at marshalls for under $30 but you can use any cork board . paint it, decorate it and hang them on there. keeps them from getting tangled up.

>> pencil pouches.

>> i got them for $1. you can use them for organizing your skin care products, your medicine cabinet. you can label al for your daily medicine.

>> you can even put them in a binder then.

>> yes and it's great for traveling because it's got the clear windows. it gets through airport security .

>> i will never throw out toilet paper rolls again.

>> no.