TODAY   |  September 02, 2013

Lou’s tips for fixing minor paint mistakes

Host of the show “House Smarts,” Lou Manfredini, offers advice on installing windows that block street noise and the best way to remove paint mistakes from windows without damaging the trim.

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>> the house you wish you could take care of yourself, but you just can't.

>> "today" contributor lou manfredini host of the syndicated show "how smart." he's got the answer for all your at-home repairs.

>> lease is sawhat is the best way to remove latex paint ?

>> you have to damage it, but it's easy to repair. if this is a piece of trim, you take one of these sanding sponges and lightly go over those mistakes you have to level it.

>> lightly.

>> don't go too heavily. it's going to degloss that surface a little bit. all these paint and primer paints throughout right now kind of increase -- or decrease the step you have to take. then you'll coat it again. it's going to be the primer and finish coat in one and then let it dry and you're done. in particular if you are doing the same color, then it's a piece of cake . but you will have to do a little bit of sanding to even it all out. one of these paint and primers will do a great job of sealing it, grabbing on and holding it very well.

>> okay, lou .

>> next question is from sandra. sandra says, my bedroom window is next to a very busy street. anything i can do to kind of get some of the noise out?

>> this is not a perfect fix but it does work. this is a peel away calking that's used for weather stripping . what you do with this is that window, hopefully she doesn't want to open it a lot. you'll take this. even though this is white, it's clear. and you'll go and calk this window shut. but now because she wants to sleep at night. this, when it dries, i can peel it away like string cheese. it gets better. because that's not going to do that much. this is a piece of plexiglas.

>> let me help you.

>> up we go.

>> vanna white . vanna kotb.

>> i put some double sided tape and velcro on this. and it's going to stay.

>> velcro it in.

>> it's going to stay. this will give that air break that's going to cut the sound down by up to 20%.

>> it's not perfect, but --

>> and it ain't pretty.

>> when it's on, but, i mean, when you want to sleep and you live by a busy street and that's all you want.

>> shut eye.

>> you just want to sleep.

>> sorry!

>> all right. finally, meg has a question about her fireplace. okay. she says, i have an ugly white painted fireplace in our summer house . can i strip the paint and go back to the brick?

>> you can. you're going to use a stripper. this is an interior stripper.

>> is his name kurt?

>> and he loves to dance. and what you're going to do with this is you apply this to the brick. you apply this to the brick. after a little while, maybe about an hour, it's going to start to move that paint. this is a little brass stripping brush. you'll start to work this paint away. this is a huge job.

>> how long does it take?

>> a lifetime. but when it's done if she takes her time, you'll be able to wipe this away and get it off.

>> you know how long that's going to take?

>> but she doesn't like the brick that color and as someone that's been married a long time if you don't like it, she doesn't like it, you're going to fix it.

>> she doesn't like you.

>> happy wife, happy life .

>> thank you, lou .

>> and we love you.

>> yes, we do.

>> i love it when he