TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Fashion for your fella: 4 new looks

Sam Saboura from TLC’s “Something Borrowed” shows how you can help your man transition some of his sexy summer looks to a fashionable fall wardrobe with bold plaids, colored denim and shawl collars.

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>>> we are back with fall fashions for your fellow. you buy most of his clothes anyway.

>> so here with some great suggestions to dress up your man in style is style expert and host of tlc's "something borrowed, something new," sam sabora. we like when sam is here. nice illiteration. what's doing, sam .

>> we're going to talk about the men a little. they don't get too much love. we'll show you great fashions based on trends but they carry out of summer into fall.

>> and they're affordable.

>> everything is probably under about 50, 60 bucks.

>> let's start off with sheldon .

>> sheldon is here.

>> he's got some transition pieces.

>> this is perfect for labor day weekend . this is a look you can take from summer into fall. a great nautical tee. red is the color of the season for men. this is a red chino from the gap. just by changing the shoes and adding this great denim shirt turnover it takes it right out of summer and into fall. leave the hat on for the fun weekend but then pop it off as we get into fall.

>> i like the cuffs on him, not on farmer frank. he needs red pants.

>> they are chinos. they are great for summer.

>> thanks, sheldon if that's your real name.

>> next up we have daniel.

>> look how cute he is.

>> he's our college student . he's 19 years old. this is speaking to all the americana trends happening. big, square plaid. i layered this great vest. and backpacks are the bag of the season for men. no more messenger bags . all about a backpack. perfect for college. for those guys afraid to try the color denim trend, this is cool. it's almost the color of a chino. ease into that trend. perfect for the season.

>> guys are used to wearing like a khaki. it's almost a gold here.

>> great. thanks. next comfy look. look what sean's got cooking.

>> cute.

>> sean is very tall.

>> he's a long drink of water.

>> this is a really simple trend. gray on gray. one of the biggest trends in men's fashion. pretty much every guy has an athletic gray t-shirt at home. this fun sweater from the gap. that shawl collar is also on trend. sporty and easy and comfortable at the same time.

>> a lot of that going around. the gray and gray.

>> that's a no-brainer for guys. they feel comfortable and safe in gray.

>> trying get your guy out of his normal pattern.

>> so instead, just layer stuff on him for fall and you are good to go.

>> let's bring out our final guy. ignacio is here.

>> i heard he was in town.

>> hello.

>> he's all ready for fall weather.

>> so this is a really classic handsome look. we start with a liberty print, that small floral print and layered the sweatshirt knit over it. this is cut like a sweatshirt so guys don't feel like they are being too fashion forward. this top or basic navy jack set really fantastic. it pulled the look together.

>> and it's so affordable.

>> fashion forward.

>> what the black sneaks he's got on.

>> a cool way if you love wearing sneakers but want to dress up a little. the black canvas sneaker with the brown laces.

>> don't be afraid of those.

>> those are also from zarra.

>> let's bring all of our gentlemen out.

>> come on out.

>> there's sheldon again.

>> of course, he is.

>> thank you guys very much.