TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

US considers military action against Syria

Syria’s government has finally allowed U.N. inspection teams to the site of suspected chemical attacks, but the U.S. government says it is too little, too late, with officials considering a military strike. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> let's bring in andrea mitchell , nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondence.

>>> good morning. syria 's government allowed un inspections teams today to go to the site of suspected chemical attacks. but u.s. officials say this is too little, too late.

>> reporter: the u.s. and it's allies are now considering military options. most likely cruise missiles from navy destroyers or the mediterranean or jets targeting syrian command and control or airfields from which chemical attacks could be launched.

>> we do know there are four warships off the coast of syria . missiles are an option to try to take out these chemical stock piles. and i think that's an option the president should be looking at.

>> the evidence the regime used chemical weapons is now hard to ignore. after these horrifying imagines backed up by international organizations like froms without boa borders. hundreds of men, women, and children, delivered by rockets not even possessed by rebel forces. no longer in doubt about the chemical attacks the president and secretary of state spent the weekend calling key arab and european allies.

>> we're clear in the british government that the regime carried out this large scale chemical attack last wednesday that lead to the death, the agonizing death of so many hundreds of people including tragically so many children.

>> with russia's vladimir putin blocking un action against syria , they're looking for a man date from nato allies and the arab world . a big test for president obama .

>> it's the credibility of the united states . if we're not willing to punish regimes that violate international law . if we're not willing to act on our own red lines then no other country will take us seriously.

>> the pentagon has it's target list ready for limited air strikes . nothing is imminent but this is moving very quickly, savannah.

>>> andrea mitchell , thank you very