TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

Survey: Many women don’t ask for raises

Robbie Myers from Elle magazine teamed up with the Center for American Progress where they conducted poll that found more than half of women in lower level positions have never asked for a raise  and around 30 percent of men and women believe they’re not in executive positions because they’re not tough enough.

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>> now to a new survey getting a lot of attention for what it reveals about women in the work place. it was conducted by elle magazine and the center for american progress . good morning.

>> good morning, nice to see you.

>> a lot of interesting figures in this. it's a mixed bag. one of the things that leapt off the page, 58% of women executives you found had asked for a raise but 53% of lower level female workers had never done so. what does that tell you? when you first start out working women are afraid to ask for that raise?

>> the more power you get the more you start asking for things. one of the things that happens is you move up in the work place and get more responsibility and people depend on you more and you're much more capable of negotiating things the way you would like them to be.

>> one of the results that surprised or shocked some of the researchers has to do with this one. the same amount of male and female leaders said women don't reach executive level positions because they're not tough enough. it's amazing not only that that's the view but that people were willing to admit that.

>> right. and i think it's unfortunate because, you know, you work in a very competitive environment and i do too and we are tough enough. i just think that's part of the perception and perception of women in general that we're not tough enough.

>> we talk about discrimination in the work place. 55% of women executives say they face discrimination. 31% thought they would be paid more if they were a man and 2-thirds of women and half of all men think women are skrut ni -- scrutinized more harshly. but younger women say they don't feel they face discrimination.

>> isn't that interesting? one of the things we did was an older worker wrote to a younger woman and said as you move up in the work place you'll find that more and more women are discriminated against as you move up. why is that? and we're interested in the fact that so many women have reported this. but one of the reasons has to do with the wage gape. it's a real thing. it still exists. another has to do with the fact that women opt out once they have their children. women are leaning in and leaning in hard.

>> and very quickly, you have working dads also surveyed here. 50% said they sometimes leave their work to deal with family obligations. only 34% of moms say the same thing.

>> we work harder, we work better, we work faster? but we're all working hard.

>> there's a lot of interesting information in this survey. thank you so much. great to have you here. appreciate it. still ahead, we'll have more fun with our fan appreciation week out here on the plaza. but first, your local news.