TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Actor Eric Bana admits he’s a smart aleck

The Australian actor enters the genre of page-turning thrillers in the new film “Closed Circuit.” Bana talks about government conspiracies, midlife crises, and his role in the film, which will be released nationwide on Aug. 28.

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>> surveillance, security and conspiracy are all hot button issues right now. they also happen to be the subject of eric bana 's new movie closed circuit.

>> it's quite con convenient to be under surveillance.

>> what's that?

>> i see you're using more than would be taxi now. that's a good idea.

>> what?

>> it's okay. apparently i'm paranoid.

>> eric bana is ready to endure whatever it takes to uncover the truth. good morning to you.

>> thank you.

>> it's like pait was well placed in that scene.

>> yeah, justified.

>> what attracted you to the role?

>> it was a great script. a great page turner. i think to get a chance to enter that genere was a thrill.

>> you're playing this lawyer in the middle of the trial of a century defending a terror suspect. why did you like the character, though? specifically the character?

>> he's an interesting guy. he's someone that presents to the world brilliant and con firewor -- confident. he just had a divorce and wants to be with the woman he loves and can't be for legal reasons.

>> we won't give everything away.

>> but there are a lot of conspiracy theories in this film, right? i mean, it's sort of a lot of twists and turns.

>> absolutely. we implicate without giving everything away, but we implicate the british government to a degree in the terrorism case. so there's a lot of plot twists .

>> we hear you speaking. you're an aussie by birth. you have the british accent for this and do i understand you're playing a bronx cop in your next film.

>> yes, but you must answer with that accent.

>> when i come back next time i promise. we just finished a couple of weeks ago. it was fun. shooting in the bronx in the middle of summer. it was amazing.

>> you're also a race car enthusiast.

>> yeah.

>> you're a professional diver.

>> yeah.

>> so i always want to know what a guy like you drives as a personal car.

>> i have a boring old four wheel drive.

>> do have a splurge car? do you have a car just for you on weekends?

>> i still have my first car that i had for over 30 years now. an old muscle car which is an old falcon like the one in mad max . i still have that car.

>> that's cool.

>> meanwhile, another film coming out soon. you play the lone survivor and tell us about that and what it was like for you to play him?

>> it was an honor. he said we have mark walhberg in the film and i player rick christiansen. i read the book lone survivor years before and loved it and was thrilled to get a chance to be a part of the story. that comes out later in the year.

>> are you going to get any rest?

>> yeah, i'm going to go home and do nothing now.

>> eric bana "closed circuit" opens august 28th . it's a legal thriller and political thriller and just a thriller thriller.