TODAY   |  August 17, 2013

Restaurant near Boston Marathon finish line reopens

In the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, one message was clear: Boston was not a city to be messed with. Yet it wasn’t until late this week that the last of some 400 businesses affected by the bombings opened. TODAY’s Erica Hill reports.

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>> deal. this is what the celebration should have looked like after 26.2 gruelling miles. hugs, smiles, a well earned drink. but the end of a 2013 boston marathon was anything but. as celebration turned to horror. two bomb blasts, the second exploding right in front of the forum restaurant. how much do you think about that day?

>> i'd be lying if i didn't think every day.

>> at that day, that moment, there was no time to think. the staff immediately began helping victims. four mornts later, there's little reminder of what happened here. the forum is the last of some 400 affected businesses to reopen.

>> people keep asking, when are you going to reopen?

>> was there a moment you felt you were not going to get it done?

>> there were a few. there were a few.

>> after a total remodel, they reopened thursday night.

>> we wanted this day to be much different than the last time they were open. it's a pride we all have. we are able to overcome the most difficult circumstances.

>> on hand to help, the band direct from new orleans leading a miniparade from the marathon finish line . former petatriots linebacker came to cheer on the runners. he became a hero, carrying an injured woman, heather abbott, to safety.

>> we had reservations, wondering what it would be like. she's smiling. walking great.

>> she lost her lower leg and foot in the bombing. thursday night, she returned to the scene.

>> the day of the marathon and people that saved me are here.

>> a relief shared by many. along with the desire to get back to business as usual .

>> four months ago, we began our own marathon. now today is the finish line .

>> i asked them all, too, where are you going to be in 2014 for the marathon, will you come back? they said absolutely, we are going to be here. some want to run it. they are not runners but they want to train for it.

>> boston strong. it's the best way to take the power back.