TODAY   |  August 12, 2013

Need a grammar lesson? Go back to school

Facebook fans of, an online proofreading site, have submitted photos of spelling errors on public signs, including an obvious blunder painted into the asphalt of a school zone.

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>> as we know in this business, there's nothing worse than spelling and grammer mistakes. we thought we would show you a few classics. they check for more than 50 types of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. some facebook fans submitted photos of public spelling mistakes. this is from nancy moran .

>> we're missing a d.

>> that was a dg trouble.

>> that's hard to see, carlsbad caverns .

>> it's a grammar error.

>> we can't see it.

>> it's like the anthony weiner photograph. we just can't see it.

>> seen it all.

>> seen it all.

>> saw it all.

>> okay. how about this one from tim thompson .

>> 12th street . don't get that confused. next one submitted by lee an lawrence.

>> wow, in a school zone , that's right.

>> see, i believe someone closed the c on that one.

>> yes.

>> you can almost see that that's the case.