TODAY   |  August 09, 2013

Pilot explains why you must turn off electronics

Dan Lampkin has been a pilot with Delta airlines for 38 years and clears up a few common questions about flying, such as why it’s important to turn off your electronic devices in flight.

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>> series ask the expert with the truth about flying. he is a pilot with delta airlines . he's been flying for 38 years logging more than 18,000 flight hours. good to see you.

>> good to be here.

>> you had a little trouble getting here last night yourself, didn't you?

>> we do not manufacture delays. we experience one of those four hour ground stops coming up into the new york area yesterday so took awhile to get in here last night.

>> let's hope our flight here in the 1975 seats goes more smoothly than yours did last night. let's start once and for all with the electronic devices . do i really have to turn this off? is it really a threat for the plane.

>> potentially for now. as of right now you do have to turn them off. we're trying to enhance the flight experience for everybody so we have plenty of in flight entertainment. we have the wifi options above 10,000 feet. there's an aviation rule making committee that will present information to the faa in september on updating the regulations.

>> but as a pilot do you worry if this were on under 10,000 feet it would interfere with your communications.

>> it's more than navigation and the communications but it could interfere, so yes.

>> let's move on to the cockpit. i have always been told the hardest part is the take off and landing. witness you're up at a cruising altitude you put it on auto pilot . is that true? what's going on in the cockpit.

>> every flight we use the auto pilot . it's one of the tools to provide a safe experience. you set cruise control you're still driving the car. the auto pilot , we program all sorts of things into what we want it to do. sometimes we make changes to those based on what air traffic control wants us to do but we use it on every flight.

>> what constitutes a weather delay? sometimes it's not raining and we hear we're delayed because of weather.

>> a weather delay is caused by anything that the air traffic controllers tell us you can't take off for. it might be weather in between florida and new york or weather in new york or weather where i am.

>> thank you so much. coming