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TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Baby penguin is ‘stronger than the storm’

Two adorable penguins from the Jersey Shore visit Studio 1A as part of New Jersey’s “Stronger Than the Storm” campaign. Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss the endangered species, the Jersey Shore’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy, and what it means to have a “tough skin, tender heart.”

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>> some days it's a miracle when we make it to air.

>> yes, we're so happy we did today.

>> try day friday, august 2nd . want to wish my beautiful daughter cassidy a very happy birthday . guess how old she is today?

>> i know that she is no longer a teenager. cassidy gifford is 20 years old today.

>> wow.

>> i'm happy to say one of the sweetest human beings i've ever known in my life. i'm so grateful for you. i love you.

>> she really is one of those people when she walks in the studio or walks in a room, she truly lights it up. that's one of those rare traits. we love cass.

>> that was sincere. i love that.

>>> you know what else is sincere? some family loves you so much, guess what they did? they named a cat after you. hoda catb.

>> this is a family in max creek , missouri. they named the family cat in your honor because hoda catby makes sense. she's there with 4-year-old brooklyn green. the cat belongs to brooklyn's grandmother whose name is kathie.

>> meant to be. had her hair if she were brunette, she would be me. anyway, we love them. so you guys, thank you. very sweet. i've never had a cat named after me.

>> i tried to name my dog after you. you took umbrage.

>> i didn't want to be named after a dog.

>> she's beautiful. she's got the longest legs you've ever seen.

>> sometimes you call me lola. yo, lola, hoda, occasionally.

>>> the united states of aging. maybe it's the us. i get those confused. one of the questions we're asked a lot is does age bring wisdom. i think itis no-brainer. the older you get, the more you know. according to the national council on aging, they surveyed 4,000 on their views on aging. more than 60% is that right?

>> yeah.

>> 9% -- which is different than 60%. only 9% of those surveyed said that people over the age of 60 are wiser.

>> i think -- yeah. now were they older people that were asked or any age that were asked because --

>> older.

>> they maight have asked older people who have dementia. it happens. so we have to understand who they actually asked.

>> nobody asked me.

>> do you feel like you are wiser?

>> what's the point if you're not.

>> no, i agree.

>> at a certain point that's all you pray for is, lord, make me wiser.

>> you know what i do miss? i do miss when you get a little more skeptical when you get older and you've had people who either hurt your feelings. sometimes when you meet someone you have a wall up. i loved when i never had any of that stuff up. when you just saw someone and wanted to love them and --

>> ignorance is bliss , right?

>> that's depressing.

>> no, it's true.

>> it is.

>> the key to life is to learn to get tough about the things you have to get tough. tough skin for the things that don't really matter and keep the tender heart. and there's no -- i'm telling you, there is no amount of botox in the world that can hide bitterness.

>> yes.

>> so you can be bitter or better. guess what?

>> what?

>> be better. it's all in the letter "i."

>> what are you talking about?

>> i decided to make that situation, make me better, not bitter.

>> i do like that.

>> you know who you are.

>> jane seymour is an actor. she's 62 years old.

>> beautiful.

>> here's what she's doing. this is unique. she's become a wedding dress model because what -- women are finding is more women are having second and third marriages and having them in their 40s and 50s. and you don't want to wear one of those poofy wedding dresses . you want to wear kind of a little more mature.

>> right.

>> anyway, so she's now a wedding gown designer for erica seuss, an austrian designer.

>> is she the model for the designer? i don't know. 9% of the people surveyed said, no, no, she's the -- she is the model for the designer. hey, this is nbc news. what do you want? all right? you may be getting married again some day, hoda.

>> what just happened.

>> what happened to your first wedding gown ?

>> my first wedding gown was in a box under my bed and then i moved and a lot of stuff was in the -- i have those rental storage units.

>> yes.

>> where you just put everything and don't even look at it again. i kind of think it might be in there. but i didn't -- you know what? i don't have a great memory from that so i'm not interested in preserving the dress for later. i mean, what would i do with that?

>> i'm surprised you didn't burn that sucker a long time ago. why keep it? hoda, come on.

>> i honestly don't know where it is. i kind of liked it, though. i liked how it looked. it had straps and was cream and -- more important to like the guy than the dress.

>>> south african penguins from jenkinson's aquarium in point pleasant beach aquarium.

>> this is part of the stronger than the storm campaign. a lot of animals have been recovered after superstorm sandy. you guys are celebrating a penguin birth. jennifer it with us.

>> hi. thank you for having with us. we're so happy to be here with stronger than the stirm. storm.

>> i thought this was the daddy.

>> no, she's not even 3 months old yet.

>> does she get much bigger than this?

>> no, she is full grown. what's so amazing you can have a baby penguin fit in the palm of your hand and less than three months later, they are this big.

>> so she was okay to travel by her doctor?

>> yes.

>> she's an endangered species ?

>> she is. we have 15 of these penguins at jenkinson's aquarium. we use them as animal ambassadors. they there are to help educate people about the wild populations.

>> is this mom behind us?

>> no. this is just her sister.

>> her sister behind you?

>> yes. she came along for the ride.

>> it's nice to see the difference. she has her juvenile feathers. when she's 2 years old she'll get her adult feathers.

>> checkers is 2?

>> checkers is actually 18.

>> oh, wow. how many times has she been married?

>> she doesn't want to disclose that information.

>> does she molt every time she gets married?

>> no, but they do molt once a year so they always have their feathers in the best condition possible.

>> wow. congratulations you guys.

>> thank you so much.

>> welcome to the world little one.

>> thank you for having stronger than the storm here. it's important that we let you know 80% of the businesses along the jersey shore are open for business.

>> they are because you know what? we're stronger than the storm oh,

>> thank you guys so much.

>> thank you. we really appreciate it. thanks, guys.

>> it is time for your friday funny.

>> oh, catch your breath.

>> thank you, todd from facebook. sent this in to us. a guy needed a brain transplant . so he went over to the brain store. when he got there, the store's owner told him there were only two brains left in the entire store. he told the guy, you have two options. you can either buy the lady's brain for $2,000 or you can buy the guy's brain for $10,000. which one do you want? the guy thought, well, why is the guy's brain so much more expensive? the shop owner replied because it's barely used. thank you.

>> home run.

>> i'm on a roll.

>> you are on a roll.

>> this is the second day in a row you've been on a roll.

>> i've had applause two days in a row. it's time for bobbie's buzz. marriage becomes you. you look more beautiful every day.

>> thank you. i am excited because beauty is one of my favorite things to find. drew barrymore has a cosmetics line at walmart called flower. i was really impressed with some of the pieces. this mascara has a triple duty secret. it twists. i don't know if you can see this against the white paper . the mascara wand twists into three different shapes. so it goes from being like street whe straight where you can get length and then twists again for volume. remember these when you were younger? these are called triplet lipsticks where you pull out one color and slide --

>> i haven't seen those in at least 85 years.

>> it's kind of smart they came back. and then i have kate cook helping me out.

>> poor kate .

>> kate is clearly modeling, if we get a nice close-up of what's called blinkies. wiem have been e-mailing me about their eyebrows. they can kind of melt off if you paint them on. these are temporary tattoos. so you can literally just cut this off. find the right color and shape and you have a temporary eyebrow tattoo. and then you don't want to miss the last one.

>> thank you, katie. we love you.

>> you're welcome.

>> my amazing blow dry secret. this helps cut your blow dry time in half. this is derived from coconut oil which wicks the water away. you mix this together, spray it in your hair and it really does work. it cut my blow dry time in half.